Mid September Check-in – Sewing Kitty to quilter

September 21, 2020

Tuesday (9/8) – Yeesh.  Up at 3 a.m. for pee break and I could NOT get back to sleep, until I got up and dressed and watched TV and finally fell asleep in the chair for a while.  Anyway, after publishing that last post, I futzed about with breakfast & coffee, and blog reading while I tried to figure out the day’s activities.  I only did paperwork organizing, a bit of light cleaning, played with the leader/ender bits, and made chili for supper.  Between working all day in the garden yesterday, and lack of sleep, I needed a slow day. Read the rest of this entry »

September 8 Check In – not much new

September 8, 2020

Monday (8/31) – After publishing the last post, I caught up entering things into Quicken, pulled the needed red fabrics for Hunter Star, and did not much else except a few household chores.  As I expected, that chance of rain resulted in only a dampening of the ground, not enough to settle the dust.  DH is out working on trees again. Read the rest of this entry »

August 31st Check In – boring tree cleanup mostly

August 31, 2020

Saturday (8/15)  It’s taken me until 11:00am to shovel the spam out of my email, write up the storm summary, get the photos uploaded and publish the last post.  I best get outside and make the most of the cooler weather today.  Sigh…

Monday (8/17) – This morning, I just can’t get into going out to work on trees, mentally or physically.  I feel like I woke up every time I moved last night.  I think I strained something in my collar bone area now.  Running a chain saw today sounds like a bad idea, you really need your mind & body in the game running those.  So I think I’ll go get a few supplies – some tank tops if there are any left, some groceries, things to heat up for supper because I really don’t feel like cooking after cleaning up trees. Read the rest of this entry »

Mid-August Check-in – Got a bit of a breeze through this week

August 15, 2020

Who had Derecho in August on their 2020 disasters bingo card?  Anyone? Read the rest of this entry »

August 2 Check In

August 3, 2020

Saturday (7/25) – After cropping photos to post, and hitting “publish” on the last post this morning, I cleaned the rocks for the fig tree pot and put them back in.  Here’s a tip – if you have plants in large pots and cats that think they are litter boxes, putting landscape rock on top of the potting soil works to keep them from digging.  I used white marble for years but it does start to stain from water and fertilizer after a while.  This time I’m putting a bit of water permeable landscape fabric between the rock and potting soil, hopefully the rock won’t sink in.  It looks a lot better than the foil or cardboard that I’ve sometimes seen recommended.  The one monarch is doing great and might be ready to do the chrysalis thing.  The other one…  hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday.  It is still moving, but very sluggish.  It’s going to be stinking hot heat index (100-102 degrees) today, so there will be no whining today about not wanting to weed, as I’m not even considering it.  Sewing it is today!  I fixed that one block and got it to size and finished assembling and pressing the star blocks for the 2nd top. Read the rest of this entry »

Late July Check-In

July 25, 2020

Friday (7/17) – after hitting “publish” on the last post, I finished breakfast and a bit of blog reading while convincing myself to put on big girl pants and haul myself out to weed again.  Sorry –  I know anyone reading is even more tired about my whining on this, than I am of weeding.  And I’m REALLY tired of weeding.  I cut another t-shirt into a yard work tank and out I went.  OOPS – I cut the neckline on this one a bit too large and need to pull to the back and twist it with the bra straps.  Oh well.  I did find 2 “what is this?” creatures.  One of them, I thought they were seed pods, but when I grabbed them, they scattered.  There were about 6 of these clustered on a bind weed flower bud.  I have no clue what they are.  The other I noticed on holding onto a dead bee on a coneflower bloom.  Then saw a few others.  Three and a half hours later, the flower bed by the well was DONE.  And I was done for.  I pulled a few stray grasses from hostas under a couple trees and in the bed behind the house.  I also picked a new leaf for the caterpillars (first one getting wilted) and the few green and wax beans that were ready.  While doing that, i see an okra or two that could be picked, but I was too tired to go to the shed and get the knife.  Then I see the potted herbs need water, so did that.  By that time it was 1:30, and I’d had enough for the day, so showered and did nothing else.  Seriously – nothing except write this. Read the rest of this entry »

Mid-July Check In – not much new

July 17, 2020

Wednesday (7/8) – After posting earlier today, I pulled 14 pairs of blues for the Hunter Star, then came up with a couple more possibilities for QOV panels.  I still need to do the maths for fabric amounts.

Thursday (7/9) – All I did was make a trip to CR for QOV fabrics, and other errands.  A few months ago, a veteran who was very involved in QOV left money to the group for fabric and batting.  So for a bit, our fabrics are free.  Our leader had all the fabrics I requested.  I also stopped at Joann and made a beeline for the one DMC floss i’m missing, the shredded foam for a couple of travel pillows, and check out the books (nothing interested me today).  I also looked at thread and quilting fabrics – threads seem restocked, quilting fabrics are still decimated, only about a fourth of what they used to carry.  I did find a couple of yellow fabrics though – good for QOV and the quilt commemorating 100th anniversary of 19th Amendment.  I scored some Quilters’ Newsletter magazines I don’t already have at Half Price Books, and some more grays and yellows at Connie’s Quilt Shop.  Then it was to WM and home.  I stopped at Dollar General to see if they had any of the pots like I have herbs in, no luck.  However they DID have 70% rubbing alcohol and got a bottle of that.  So what do I do?  Forget the bag at the register while putting my card away and chatting with the checker about weather moving in.  Then while reading a blog, I see that the JCS Halloween issue is out.  GAH! If I’d known, I was right by Barnes & Noble and would have checked if they had it. Read the rest of this entry »

Early-ish July Check-In (not much new happening)

July 8, 2020

After posting on Friday 6/26, I ran the fabric for Hunter Star through the cutter .  I also put elastic on one of the unfinished masks so I have 2.  I’ll give it a try without the wire, I may need to add one if my glasses fog over.  Statue of Liberty also got a bit more stitching time.  I had to go retrieve something from the bank lock box, while they had the now-common “masks, sanitizer, distance, wash hands” sign, none of the employees had masks on.  They were working apart from one another though. Read the rest of this entry »

June 26 Check In – Not much new. Again.

June 26, 2020

After posting on 6/15, I spent some time trying to figure out this no-reply thing.  Again.  I don’t know that I found anything new, and since Blogger is forcing new changes on their bloggers at end of the month, I may just wait until then to try again to fix it.  Who knows what all will be affected then.  Then I was off to cut more fabric for the Hunter Star quilt… Read the rest of this entry »

Mid-June (Already? Only?) Check-In

June 16, 2020

After posting on 6/8, I cleared up and organized some stacks on the desk, caught up on shoveling out all the spam email, and blog reading since I didn’t look at anything since Saturday morning, folded the new fabrics and put them away, and did a few household chores.  Late in the day I went out and put fertilizer on the asparagus so the expected rain from Christobol leftovers can get it watered in.  Mostly I guess you could say I took the day off. Read the rest of this entry »