No sewing, but I did get……

a fur coat, a wool coat, and Barbie.  No sewing last weekend, but I did go to my parents.  While there, Mom asked if I wanted a fur coat.      ???? since *when* did she have a fur coat ????   It was my grandmothers (her Mom) from the 1950s, as was the wool coat.  since they are black, I’m going to need to wait until the light is better outside to take pictures.  The Barbie is in a mix of my sister’s, my niece’s and my Barbie stuff.  I will go thru and pull out what was mine, and return the rest to my niece.

While there, I mentioned that if she still had any of her old patterns and wanted to get rid of them, I’d be interested.  It seems that between my sister, niece, a cousin and me (I?), I’m the only one who does any form of sewing or needlework.


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