Does Mending Count?

I did get a tiny bit of sewing done – I mended a hole in a pair of jeans.

I do have some sewing to show, not mine and not recent.  It’s the doll clothes Mom made when I was little.  I got all the Barbie items a few weeks ago, and sorted out items I know was my sister’s and mine, and put all my niece’s items aside to return to her.  I didn’t get a Barbie until I was older, I think I got mine the first year she had bendable legs.  I recall having a Tammy (?) doll and one other, that I can’t remember the name of.  She was based on a TV show in the mid-late 1960s, had an ocelot for a pet, and was a detective or spy as I recall.  What was her name?


My sister’s Barbie is on the left, in one of the few store-bought outfits we had. I was amazed that the hat is still around. Mine is in a store-bought shirt and pants Mom made.


My sister’s Barbie case, my Midge case.


2 corduroy and 1 “fur” coat. I think the fur came from an old stuffed animal that wore out.


Strapless, full length dresses, with very full skirts.


The bottom 2 are from the same pattern. The pink one was printed on fabric, “all” you had to do was cut & sew. The black seam lines are visible in spots.


The few tops I found. Most likely the others got ripped putting them on the dolls, and were tossed out.


4 skirts are the same pattern, which I think Mom copied from the “cut & sew” skirt.


More skirts, the red one is a printed “cut & sew” skirt. A couple of them look like Mom cut a rectangle, sewed the seam, hemmed it, and added casing for elastic.


More skirts – the blue one is a lightweight sock cuff with an elastic casing added. The red one is another tube with elastic, the hem was on the selvage to save a step.

Mom put a lot of work into these, something I don’t think I fully appreciated at the time.  I remember seeing the fancy clothes in the store and I wanted them so bad!  While looking at them, I can see why some people say hand sewing doll clothes is much easier than using a machine.

Thanks Mom!


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