Finally, Actual Sewing Has Occurred.

I’ve actually been sewing!  I love this fabric, so it took a while to decide.  The fabric was from Hancock Fabrics, the last on the bolt, and has been ageing for several years. I was thinking a V-neck pullover or top of some type, then finally decided on a cardigan.  I’d like to move away from my “uniform” of a shirt of some type and a pullover sweatshirt.  I think this will begin to fill in the gap nicely.  I am using McCall’s 5978, so far it’s gone together well, even after all the alterations I had to make.  I had to add a few inches around, and a couple inches to the sleeve length, and do a FBA.

It still needs a good pressing, and the buttons and buttonholes.   I may need to redo the hemming at the front corners, I think I pulled something a bit too tight, as it is showing where the hem is stitched.  I ended up hemming by hand.  I had put hem lace on, and tried a blind hem sample which wasn’t working with the tape.  The fabric is knitted with the zig-zags up and down the length-wise grain, not across like most knit designs seem to be.   The amout of stetch was about the same either way, but decided I liked it this way.  I have no clue what the fabric content is, most likely polyester and possibly nylon??

The fit isn’t perfect, but it is much better than many of my past attempts, which turned me off of sewing garments.   Thanks to the blogs, forums, newsgroups that I’ve been reading for the past years, I’ve gotten some good encouragement and hints, just by lurking and reading other people’s adventures in the sewing room.  I think I’m over believing that patterns are infallable, thanks y’all!

For quite a while, I could find clothing which fit somewhat OK, but lately, I’ve found the offerings to be dull, boring, un-inspired, cheaply made for the price they want.  By cheap, I mean poor quality, not in-expensive.  I could go on about what’s offered for tall women, but I think I’ll save that for another day.

Ah well, life goes on!


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