Saved a possible chair purchase (for now anyway)

I have an office chair that I’ve used either at my sewing machine, or at my desk.  It’s slowly been losing the ability to stay where I set it.  It would drop slower if I held the lever down as far as I could, and as soon as I let go, it dropped down.  After a few visits to web sites, I found a couple of ideas.  One was to put petrolium jelly on the lift and operate the chair to work in into the cylinder.  The other was to disasemble the chair and get to the top of the cylinder and adjust the screw on top (if there was one). 

After checking out if that was easily possible on mine (not!), why not just try it with the lever left out????    Success!  I can no longer lower the chair just by using the lever, but it IS staying up.  If need be, I can just stick the lever back through and use it to lower, but I think I can live with that!

I wonder if there’s a way to bend the lever so it gives the cylinder a bit more room, but still allow the seat to lower???   That will be a project for another day!


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