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Just My Thoughts –

January 17, 2010

Over on, there has been a bit of discussion on a recent Pattern Review thread.  I started to put this in as a comment, but it turned into a bit of a ramble – so I put it here……….. (more…)

A Bit of Cleanup

January 10, 2010

No sewing since I finished the cardigan and traced the jacket pattern.  But I did do a bit of cleanup.  After watching a show on hoarding on TLC, I realized I’ve been hoarding boxes.  I’ve been saving small boxes because “they are good for using as drawer dividers”.  I looked through the drawers in my sewing desk, and the computer desk, and …..  I don’t really have anything needing dividing.  I’ve also been saving paper towel and toilet paper rolls because “they’ll be good for putting bits of trim and all the yarn I’m going to spin on”.  Ummmm, yeah, right.  The rolls will take up way more room that just using flat cardboard for trim, and I don’t spin enough to need that many.  So, I saved just a couple of heavier paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls, and a couple of really nice boxes.  That’s opened up a couple of  drawers in the plastic drawer units under the bookshelf and almost emptied an area under the table in the sewing room.  (more…)


January 3, 2010

McCall’s 5978 is done!  Finished!  Wearable!  WooHoo!   This is the first item of clothing I’ve sewn from scratch in 2 years.  I went back and re-did the hem on both front corners, it looks much better now.  I ended up using just simple gray buttons, the fabric is so busy that I didn’t think fancy ones would stand out.   The buttonholes were a Pain in the ….. to put in.  I did samples on some scraps, selecting the correct size.  Hmmmmm.  instead of 20 mm, they came out 25 mm. – way to big!  Tried another sample with it set to 16 mm, and it ended up being 19 mm, just right.  I sewed the first buttonhole.  The first side went (more…)