A Bit of Cleanup

No sewing since I finished the cardigan and traced the jacket pattern.  But I did do a bit of cleanup.  After watching a show on hoarding on TLC, I realized I’ve been hoarding boxes.  I’ve been saving small boxes because “they are good for using as drawer dividers”.  I looked through the drawers in my sewing desk, and the computer desk, and …..  I don’t really have anything needing dividing.  I’ve also been saving paper towel and toilet paper rolls because “they’ll be good for putting bits of trim and all the yarn I’m going to spin on”.  Ummmm, yeah, right.  The rolls will take up way more room that just using flat cardboard for trim, and I don’t spin enough to need that many.  So, I saved just a couple of heavier paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls, and a couple of really nice boxes.  That’s opened up a couple of  drawers in the plastic drawer units under the bookshelf and almost emptied an area under the table in the sewing room. 

I also need to go through the plastic box and camera film canister stash (useful for putting stuff in you know).  I should get my courage up to get rid of some craft items that I really don’t have any interest in any more, such as the items for making plant hangers and some bits that I had gotten intending to make toys for the Dear Sweet Child.  He’s a teenager now, anything with wheels has to have a motor to interest him.

I keep items for the following in the sewing/craft room –

  • sewing items – do work on sewing, although mostly home dec and mending for the last few years, have a stash of fabric for clothing and quilting, along with quite a collection of tools for both.
  • knitting/crochet – I’m working on learning (slowly), have a small stash of yarn.
  • needlework – various types, work on intermittantly
  • craft paints – use on occasion, although the ones that came with the wood and plastic ornament kits probably should get tossed, most likely they are dried out.
  • Christmas ornaments – need to make annual photo ornaments of the Dear Sweet Child for the last 8 years
  • spinning wheel – it’s not a good one, in fact it’s a pain in the @ss.
  • books – sewing, quilting, needlework, knitting, crochet, gardening, etc.  There are also more books in the living room on decorating, gardening, and miscellaneous crafts.
  • drawing and art supplies – not sure why I have these, I haven’t done drawing/painting since high school.  I can only guess that I felt crayon deprived as a child – I never got the 64-crayon box with the built-in sharpener, that I recall.
  • odds & ends of different craft projects, like egg shells, foiling paper, macrame cord, wood for toys, modeling clay mix I made for the Dear Sweet Child, and I’m sure there’s more that I’ve forgotten.
  • and the computer.

Is all this why after so many years of wishing I had my own space, I feel at a loss when I’m in here, and end up reading other peoples blogs about what they are *doing*.


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