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Over on    http://coudremode.com/?p=2978, there has been a bit of discussion on a recent Pattern Review thread.  I started to put this in as a comment, but it turned into a bit of a ramble – so I put it here………..

I will admit that I don’t read many reviews of patterns on PR, mostly I go for the tips, reviews of books and notions, and some of the discussions.  I also did not follow this thread.  I don’t think that all reviews/reviewers should cater to the beginning sewist, just as not all patterns do.  It’s a review, not a sewing lesson.  Just as a movie or book review is someone’s opinion, not a lesson on movie-making or book-writing.  The place to ask construction details is in the discussion area, in my opinion.

I have been largely self-taught (not always the “correct” ways) on sewing and needlework, and have given knitting and crochet a try also.  All done with books and magazines and the few TV shows on those crafts.  And beginning in the late 90’s, the newsgoups on the internet, then forums and blogs entered the picture.  Usually I’ve been able to figure out a problem (except knitting and tatting with 2 shuttles) with the books, sometimes it takes sleeping on it.

I think somewhere along the line, teaching how to research and teach yourself (or at least try to) has fallen by the wayside.  It takes time, and somehow, many of us have convinced ourselves that we don’t have the time or ability.  I know I have to remind myselt to turn off the TV and stay off the internet, and GET SOMETHING DONE!!  (yelling at myself, no one else)

On the other hand, some people are severely limited in their research materials.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to buy books on subjects that interest me, some small-town libraries have few if any sewing books.  The one in my town has only a 3-foot shelf for the entire cooking/sewing/crafting/hobby/gardening/etc collection, and it’s only half full.  Or perhaps they are accessing the internet from the library, where the time allotment is small and they don’t get there often.  And the sewing classes, OK, I haven’t looked at any for a while, but last I noticed, most of them have been tending toward quilting and machine embroider, not clothing, and certainly not more advanced clothing techniques.   I’d love to be proven wrong on that one, as long as the class isn’t during a weekday.

edited 1/18/2010 to clarify the above – I’m refering to classes offered locally, through the community colleges, or through the sewing machine stores.  PR has a nice selection of classes for garment sewing.  I’m hesitant to sign up for those because I fear I will miss classes and fall behind.

I don’t know the answer, there have always been people who want information spoon-fed to them, and others who love to figure it out.  Some love to share their knowledge freely and others want to be paid for it.  I think most of us probably fall somewhere in the middle, with days where we move toward one end or the other.    As an example – I should learn how to make a pretty link to CoudreMODE, but right now, I’d rather someone tell me.  Someday I will learn, just as I will learn how to put a list of blogs I follow, and some other stuff on my blog.  But not right now,  I have to go water my plants before they wilt any further.

I’ve written it before, but I’m going to write it again – I do appreciate the time and effort everyone puts in their reviews, tutorials, hints, blogs, etc.   I sometimes wonder how some of you write so often, with such detail.  Practice?  Naturally good at writing?  Don’t keep re-writing (like I tend to do)?

It’s taken me about 1 1/2 hours to write this, although about 1/2 hour of that was because when I was writing this as a comment, and hit publish, my internet connection was gone and I had a bunch to re-write.  Lesson learned – write comments in Notepad and then cut & paste.      I thank you all.


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