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Nothing to See Here – Move Along

February 14, 2010

Been crazy-busy at work, so nothing to show.  The jacket is still in the pattern stage, waiting to be adjusted.  We’re going on a short vacation in just over a week, so I ended up going to JC Penney, and forced myself to try some tops on.  I got some nice tops, but a few others were just a bit too small, so there they stayed.  I did take some photos of construction details, I don’t know how useful they will be – the fabric was rather busy on some of them.  Oh well, at least I didn’t buy the too-small ones for “when I lose weight”.  That’s not going so well either.  It seems when I get home, my brain is tired and I just want to have supper and veg out in front of the TV, certainly not think about sewing or exercising.  I must NOT gain any more weight, it’s hard enough finding tall clothing as it is, I have to order from catalogs/internet.  Stores around here might have a few pair of dress slack in tall sizes, but that’s IT.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen sizes above XL or 18 in a tall, even in catalogs.

Ah well, another week coming up, perhaps I’ll succeed in giving myself a big kick in the …..  and pull myself out of this crappy, whiney attitude.