Not Much Progress

I knew it’s been a while since I put anything here, but 2 months?!?! Ack.  And I apologize about the whining on the last couple of posts.  I really need to avoid that.  Rant – occasionally, whine – no.

Sewing progress – I did get the jacket pattern modified, it is not cut out yet.   I now have a pair of jeans needing repair, and 3 towels with edges that need reinforcing sitting by the machine.

Weight loss – about 5 pounds.  I got so stressed out at work at the end of March, I started fantasizing about running away, like Forest Gump did in the movie.  Just start running, and don’t stop.  So one night I bought some shoes and started walking/running, but I did turn around and go home.  I started out doing too much, and my knees revolted.  So after a week or so of elastic supports, ointment, ibuprofin, and just walking, we’re back on track.  I can actually “run” for about 1/4 of a mile before needing to stop, that’s up from only being able to run about 100 feet.  I must confess, my “run” is slower than my walk.

Sewing room cleanup – win some, lose some.  The Dear Sweet Child cleaned some items out of his closet, now I have the plastic drawers with crayons, markers and such in my sewing room, waiting to have something done with it.  I don’t know what to do about the smell that the plastic has absorbed from the crayons.  I’ll try baking soda, coffee grounds, clean kitty litter, etc.    I have almost gone through the stack of used quilting magazines that I bought.  There’s a stack to go back to the store, and a stack to be recycled now.

I’ve still been having problems dragging myself into the sewing room during the week.  I’m sure many others have the same problem, by the time we get home, get the exercise in, make supper, clean up after that, it’s 8:30-9:00, and I’m tired.  And on weekends, now that it’s gardening season, all of a sudden, there’s hours missing from the day due to that.  And I *really* don’t want to get up at 4:30 to get the walk/run in.

Sometimes I think I should just declare that my hobby is thinking about sewing/knitting/needlework, as I get precious little actual sewing/knitting/needlework done.

I *did* put a word in to my Mom that should she ever get the urge to get a different sewing machine, I’d buy it for her if I could have the one she has now.  She currently has a 1950’s Necchi, in a blonde wood cabinet.  Sweet machine!  No clue where it would go, but that’s not the point, not at this time anyway.


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