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It’s a Conspiracy. Has to be!

June 20, 2010

Gee, no sewing again/still.  Hold down the gasps of shock please!

The Dear Sweet Child informed me he needed some new shorts and shirts for summer.  Oh, and can you fix my favorite T-shirt?  The neckband has holes all around, and some other tears.  I gave him the “stitch in time” routine and said I’d try.  “Oh yeah Mom, and I still need to get a card and present for Father’s Day.” 

Friday’s weather also threw up a road block.  The winds knocked down 1 tree, and part of another, along with a number of smaller bits and pieces.  The tree that was knocked down was the remains of an old hollow basswood, not much left of that anyway.  The tree that lost a branch is a big hackberry, this one I’m sad about.  It has one other big branch that was damaged, with bark peeled and a big crack in it after being hit by the part that fell.  So the rest may have to come down also.  At least it wasn’t a tornado through the yard again, that event cost us 4 big trees 7 years ago.

So by the time the Dear Sweet Child and I went to get his items, got groceries, and cleaned up trees on Saturday, and we went to my Mom & Dad’s for a bit, made today, it’s now 8:00 PM.

What I DID get done since my last post –  I did get the quilting magazines finished, clipping bits put in notebooks, and the magazines that I didn’t clip back to Half Price Books.  Now for getting the stack of recipes and other sewing clippings filed.  I got the jeans patched, and gave up on the towels, the machine was just struggling too much.  Then I read about some size 125 needles on PR, so I think I may order some and re-try.  Weight loss is now about 10 pounds, and I can now run (slowly) for up to a mile.  My knees will still protest being asked to run fast (for me anyway), for very long.

Maybe sewing this week??