Happy New Year…..

Hmmmm…May Your New Year Be…   What would you put?  I think I’ll put in “more relaxed” for my year, both internally and externally.  Other things I’d put – happy, healthy, prosperous, calm, wonderful…

I’ve just about gotten all the clippings put away, tossed a few.  I’m pretty sure that information from 1997 about using Windows 95 isn’t of much use to me any more.   Now if I could just convince myself that I really do not need a gazillion recipes or the thousands of odd bits I’ve clipped from magazines and newspapers.  I’m working on that.  I started a list of older but still working computer items to post at work to sell.  I need to get model numbers, etc.  I’ve given up on any thoughts of putting linux on the old desktop to play with.  Wow – I just gave up on some projects and tossed some clippings, and I haven’t been struck by lightning!  I also need to put some old TVs in the car to turn in for recycling, they haven’t been used in a few years (old small CRTs that don’t do digital).

Nope, no sewing, I’m not really planning to either.  Right now there are too many things I wanted to clear out or clean up this weekend yet.

One good thing since I last wrote – so far I haven’t gained a bunch of weight since my running came to an end when it got cold.  Running in the dark was OK, but I don’t have the clothing or desire to run in the cold!  I got a treadmill, it finally came yesterday.  WooHoo!

My sewing/needlework resolution?  The only thing I can think of that is do-able is “spend 15 minutes in this room NOT on the computer”.  Even if just looking at my stuff and cleaning up.  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but with the upcoming events at work, that may be about all I can handle.    I’ll be back with pictures of the cleaned-out closet, and my “new” sewing machine needle container.


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