New Sewing Room Photos

OK, I dropped the “15 minutes in the sewing room” thing big time this week.  I think it lasted all of 2 days.

Here’s the photos of my sewing room after I did a bit of clean-out and reorganizing.

View to left from doorway

View to right from doorway


The biggest changes were getting rid of the 6 foot table and cleaning out the closet.  I started from this  (sorry for the ugly link – yet another thing I need to learn).   I got another Singer 15-91, this one in a Queen Anne cabinet (no bench unfortunately).  It would work just to put my cutting board/mat on it if folded out.  But then I’d still be bending over.  Joann Fabrics had the cutting tables on sale, so I got one.  This one has the 2 legs on each side to avoid the sagging corners issue.  It’s hard to believe how much different the room *feels* with room to move around in.  I re-stacked the plastic drawers under the bookshelf.  That’s one thing I love about the Iris brand – they can be changed as needed.  I will say that I wish I had gotten a few more of the deeper drawers though.

As for the closet, most of the change was taking out and folding the fabric.  I got a bunch of cardboard bolts from Hancock Fabrics and wound the longer cuts of fabric on those.  They take up more room, but I can get to the fabrics behind without creating a big mess.  While going through the fabrics and folding them, I measured and pinned a note with sizes and whether it had been washed.  I didn’t get rid of much yardage, as I had done that a while back, but I did get rid of a bunch of little bits and pieces.

I keep looking at the cutting table, and thinking how I can use the underside to add a bit of storage for interfacing.  I plan on ordering some from Sew Exciting and I think the rolls might fit under the table.  But how to keep the kitties off??

Other clear-out items have been 2 small old TV sets & a non-working printer to be recycled.  I have another monitor and 2 more old printers in the trunk to take in tomorrow, depending on the weather when I get off work, they WILL be gone this week.  I still have a PC that I’d like to sell, if I can just get it’s hard drive wiped clean.  Even if no one wants it, I’d rather not have the hard drive lying around with who-knows-what data on it.  It won’t boot to Windows any more (missing files) and won’t boot to the repair CD either.  My DOS disks are either the wrong version for the tools I have, or won’t recognize the hard drive.  I’ll need to consult with PC wizards at work.  Or I will pull the drive  and offer it for sale like that, and let the Dear Sweet Child rip it apart, and destroy the platters and recycle the rest.

I missed 3 days last week on the treadmill.  I’ve been sticking to the bottom 2 pre-programmed workouts until today.  I tried going up another level and got my behind kicked.  I could. not. finish.  Thirty degree inclines totally did me in.  I had to quit with less than .2 miles left to go.  So it’s back to the lower 2 levels for a bit longer.  I’ve also caught myself hitting the snacks, I need to get back on track with that also.

Thanks to the dog, I now have yet another mending project.  She decided to return to puppyhood and chewed a big hole in her new bed.  ARRRGH.  It’s been a few years since she’s chewed anything.

Have a good week!


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