Giving the blog another shot

Wow, can it really be 5 years since posting?!

Anyway, I’m going to try posting here again, mostly about sewing.  Maybe some organizing, needlework, knitting, crochet.

What’s been happening in the last 5 years?  For 4 years, not a lot of sewing, unless you count mending jeans.  Which I don’t.  However in the last year, I’ve sewn –

– McCall 6963 3 times (fabrics from Hancock and Joann) plus 1 hack to use a bit of fabric found on the remnant table at Hancock.  I used the version with the higher neckline, the sleeves varied according to how much fabric I had.  This as a well drafted pattern, however I did to a FBA on all 3.  Sadly on the white/metalic somehow I got the dart points about 1 inch too low, so must wear it under another layer.  On the hack version, the dart is built into the seamline between lace and knit fabrics.

– McCall 6996 2 times, the black/white fabric from Joann, the red fabric has been in the stash so long, I don’t remember.  I didn’t get photos of the projects on myself or the dress form, so these will just show the fabrics.  I sewed the black/white as drafted, on this one, it seem like the shoulder keeps pulling backwards.  I shifted the shoulder seam forward about 3/4 inch on the red one, much better!  I think next time, if there is one, an FBA will be added.

McCall 6963, showing fabrics used

McCall 6963, showing fabrics used

McCall 6963, fabrics used. The one on the right is the hacked version with FBA build into the seamline

McCall 6963, fabrics used. The one on the right is the hacked version with FBA build into the seamline

fabrics used for McCall 6996

The current projects are seat covers for the car and a couple of quilts.  The car has black interior, which besides getting hot in summer, shows every speck of dirt, dust and spills.  The only ready made covers I can find are camo, black, brown, or the stuff that looks like woven rugs.  What a job, what with having to make pattern from scratch while scrunched down in the garage.  Right now, I don’t know if I’ll get both done, I certainly don’t think I’ll do it again, I’ll look on line.  One quilt is in the hand quilting stage, where it’s been for a couple of years, the other is a halloween quilt I’m doing as a take-along project.

And there’s a pair of flannel lined jeans lying there with huge rips in the denim part.  Ungh.

And here’s the state of my sewing room, and this is AFTER taking out 3 totes of linen items (embroidered towels & dresser scarves, plain toweling and sacks) I got from Mom’s items.  These are going to the basement, there is absolutely no room in here for them.  Also not in the photos are 2 sewing machine boxes, a bunch of tins and other containers (“could be useful someday” items).  Since I got Mom’s Necchi (hidden behind the pile in the 2nd photo), I don’t know what to do with the 15-91 and 201-2 in the cabinets.  Maybe to the basement with those also?  Move 1 to the living room?  Sell at least one of them?  They both need scary wiring replaced.  What I’d really like to do is find the treadle/hand crank version of the 15-91.   I took the sling off the cutting table and am trying the little totes of fat quarters there.  The interfacing, tracing paper and other items that were in the sling are now in other containers, which I hope are easier to move than the stacks of fat quarters.




One Response to “Giving the blog another shot”

  1. Abigail Says:

    Five years since posting? Wow! It’s good to have you back though!

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