Possibly Finished Project – Seat Covers

Well.  The posting sort of fell off already, didn’t it.  Until today, I really didn’t have anything to show, so that would have been really boring for anyone stopping by.  I did get a bit more quilting done, but nothing photo worthy.  No more progress was made on cleaning up the sewing room.   No scratch that – I did buy a clothes rail and garment bags and moved some things out of the sewing room closet to that in the basement.  Along with all the table cloths fin the hall closet from Mom.  Two weeks ago, I was battling a cold, not the worst I’ve ever had, but that Sunday, I had no energy and slept most of the day.  Anyway, on to the big sewing news for this week…

The used car I got in July 2015 has all black interior – not my first choice of color.  But the heated steering wheel ranked higher than seat color.  My issue with the black seats is that it shows every speck of dirt or dust, and in summer is hot.  The search in local stores was futile – all black, brown or camo.  I wanted something bright and pretty.  And then, the question popped into my head – “How hard could it be to make seat covers?”.   The actual sewing wasn’t difficult, but the pattern making and figuring out how to make it was…time consuming.  I’ve had the fabric since September and have worked on this sporadically since.

To make the pattern, I took paper and pinned to it the seats and traced seam lines with pencil marks and holes and fingernail creases in the paper.  Hindsight tip – use non-slippery fabric (muslin or old sheet?) so it stays in place while marking.  I used outdoor fabric from Hancock Fabrics, not only because it *should* hold up to wear, but also to UV exposure.  I bought 3 yards, but I think I used just over 2 yards.  Most of the seams were double stitched using a 3.0 mm straight stitch, jeans needle, and normal polyester thread.  The thread is the reason I did double stitching on the seams, we’ll see how it holds up.

Here’s the results –

Seat Cover

Seat Cover, nice and bright. And NOT black.

Seat Cover back, strap with buckle at bottom


I may need to come up with a better way to hold the seat portion in place, right now they are just pulled down and wedged into the plastic part right beside the outer side of the seat.   I’ll see how much they slip around.  Perhaps some clips of some sort?

Would I do this again?  I don’t know.  I think I’d explore the internet for ready-made options first.  Or check with someone who does auto upholstery.  There are just too many other things I’d rather sew.


2 Responses to “Possibly Finished Project – Seat Covers”

  1. Summerflies Says:

    These are fabulous! Why haven’t I thought of this. I hate all the seat covers that are out… except the sheep skin ones. I love yours. I’ve got some old ones I hate (black and yellow yuk) so I’d cut a pattern off them to make it easy on me though.

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