Five weeks already?!?! And the seat covers ARE now finished!

No wonder 5 years slipped by so easily without posting, these five weeks just flew by!  I may need to rethink the Sunday night posting schedule.  By the time I get the last “gotta do” tasks before work on Monday, posting seems to slip my mind.

Now, about those seat covers (sorry no new pictures, there really isn’t much to show) –

After getting in and out of the car a few times, it became apparent that a few tweaks were needed.  The seat cover fabric was just too slippery on the original seat fabric.

The seat back was pretty stable.  The holes for the head rest and the strap around the seat back worked well.

The first alteration was adding a dart to the front inside corner of the seat so it was closer to the underside of the seat.  This helps keep the cover from sliding toward the door when I get out.

Second, I added a strap to the back edges of the seat that go behind the seat to help keep the seat from sliding forward and the corners from flipping up.

Third, I stuffed a section of foam pipe insulation into where the seat and back meet.  This also keeps the seat from sliding forward.  That’s a tip I read somewhere for keeping furniture slip covers in place, I figured why not for car seat covers?

Fourth, a section of the non-slip shelf liner (the width of the seat) was placed between the seat and the cover to keep it from sliding in any direction.  I kept it toward the front of the seat, to help keep it in place as my legs are sliding under the steering wheel.

These changes have kept the seat cover in place nicely for almost 3 weeks now.

I need to remember to show them to the people at Hancock Fabrics (“my” store is closing, sniff, sniff.  WAHHHH!!!).  I know a lot of you did not like your Hancock store, I will miss the one I go to regularly.  Clean store, nice employees who knew at least a bit about sewing, some knew a LOT about sewing, and I had better luck finding garment fabrics there than at Joann.  That leaves the nearest Hancock about 90 minutes away, in a place I never go.  I guess I should be happy for my finances, I’ll probably spend much less on garment fabrics now.  And maybe patterns, as it seems like Joann has cut back on their pattern sales?  Then I wonder if Hancock would not have gone into bankruptcy again if at least now and then we all bought a pattern or fabric without waiting for a sale or coupon.  But they could have helped themselves by not having huge amounts of fleece and nasty feeling low quality polyester garment fabrics.  I also doubt the executives took any pay or bonus cuts, while paying those on the floor as little as possible, or not listening to the customers’ requests or complaints.  I haven’t gotten into buying fabrics online, I still need to see & feel it in person.  So far.  I should not be so sad, I have garment fabric and patterns to last at least several years of sewing.

I hope to get back to more sewing this weekend, the last couple of weekends have been tied up with financial tasks like getting tax forms together and double checking I have all ready for the appointment.  Add to that the normal cleaning and weekly supply run, Saturday & Sundays just fly by.  Also I think I need to rework the lighting in the sewing room, it doesn’t seem to be bright enough at night to sew during the weeknights.  The bit of light that comes in through the window during the daytime makes a big difference in my desire to do much in here.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.


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