Slight sewing update

Three months?  Already?!?  Well, it doesn’t take long to fall off the posting routine, does it?  Especially when you really have no sewing or needlework progress to post about.  And I don’t want to come here whining about not sewing or stitching.  I’ve been on vacation from work this week, and got a grand total of ONE small item sewn so far.  I lost one whole day to financial crap, another day went to garden work.  Tomorrow I go to the quilt show in Muscatine, it is open on Saturday as well.  And I *have* spent 2 full days in the sewing room so far.

Here’s the completed project –

Remember Me Pattern Co.

Remember Me Pattern Co.

DH’s step Grandpa’s funeral flag (WWI veteran), a cross stitch project from years ago, DS’s prize winning American Legion Memorial Day poster, barn board flag and the new wall hanging.

It is a pattern by Remember Me Pattern Co. (no website), On Point Flags.  I got the pattern at Heartland Cottons in DeWitt, IA.  They have a lot of their patterns in stock, and some kitted up.   I used fabric from my stash.  I used 3 each red, white & blue, plus the tan for the background and backing.  The hanger is a bit of gold cording from the stash tacked on at the top.  I’ve never done paper piecing before, and it took me a whole day.  While I like the results, it seems like it could waste a lot of fabric.  Or crumbs for those who like to make those blocks.

In other sewing related news, I moved the Queen Ann cabinet with the Singer 15-91 from the sewing room to a corner in the living room, and shifted the Necchi back around to the wall.  The leaf is folded out laying on top of the other Queen Ann cabinet.  If i need to open that one (not until I get around to rewiring it!) I can still lift the Necchi leaf and get the 201-2 out.  I’m leaning more toward selling the 2 15-91s and 201-2s and am keeping an eye out for a treadle model 15.  So far the few I’ve found are rust heaps, so far away shipping would be involved, or sellers want to fund their retirement with what they are asking.  A while back, while pondering the sewing room state, I noticed a wheel on my cutting table crooked.  The wheel itself is fine, but the weld holding the wheel mount to the frame let loose on one side.

On the quilting front, hand quilting the bird quilt is still sporadic.  I make myself work on it for a night or 2, tell myself to keep at it every night, and then…..don’t.  My travel work project is a Halloween biscuit quilt, it’s progress is also sporadic.  I signed up for Freedom Stitchers, the Quilts of Valor group in Cedar Rapids.  I need to root through the stash and find suitable fabrics for that.

So, in the vacation time left, I hope to finish straightening up a couple more corners in the sewing room, maybe sew a top, or at least set out fabric and pattern combination, and maybe pull out the QOV fabric.  Or work on piecing the back for a quilt top I finished last year(?).

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll try not to be so long before posting again.


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