Days Off Progress

I’ve been off work this week, using vacation days that must be used or lost by the end of the month.  As usual, I haven’t gotten nearly as much done as I planned.  One day had an unplanned excursion to Mt. Pleasant antique thresher & tractor show.  Now I can say I’ve been there.  The old machines were very cool (or rather very hot with all the wood smoke and steam), but LOTS of walking and noise.  At least it wasn’t too difficult to find a bench to sit on for a few minutes when my legs needed a break and it wasn’t 90+ degrees like it so often is.  Another day was lost to financial ponderings, I’m not too happy on this and will definitely let the money guy know!  The mystery Union Special machine has remained untouched, I’m beginning to think this one will be a candidate for a new home.

On to what I did get done that I had on the plans to do – the potatoes are dug, pitiful results this year but no one to blame but myself for not getting them planted until June.  I organized the quilting fabrics that I moved to the closet in DS’s room (he moved out the end of July), I attempted to fix the cutting table wheel (JB Weld on the broken weld, not sure if it’s a fix or fail), put the sling back under the cutting table and put interfacing and pattern tracing paper back in it (now I can close the closet in the sewing room if I want).  In the process of doing that, I found 2 rolls of InvisiGrip that I just knew I had, but didn’t know where it was.  Now if I can just find that Fons & Porter design wall sheet I know is somewhere.  And the highlight – I finished my first QOV top.  I made either a cutting or sewing error, but the blocks had to all be recut to 6 1/4 inches square, not the 6 1/2 inches I was aiming for.  It also still needs pressing.

Scrappy Rail Fence QOV top, still needs pressing. After fixing the cutting or sewing error, it ended up 57 1/2″ x 80″


Quilting fabrics, left side

Quilting fabrics, left side of closet, 2 vintage embroidered quilts needing repairs hanging up.


Quilting fabric, right side

Quilting fabric, right side

It’s hard to believe I had all that fabric on the shelves stuffed on 1 shelf in the sewing room, no wonder it fell on my head a couple times and I didn’t know how much and what I had.  I’m restraining myself from moving anything else into the room.  IF I make it my sewing room, it needs painting as dark army green just isn’t my color.  Also the carpet would need to go.  I have a short berber carpet in the current sewing room and I HATE it as it makes it too hard to roll the chair up to the machine, even with a chair mat.  I also suspect that’s part of the reason a weld holding the wheel mount on the cutting table broke.

I’ll lose most of this afternoon to an appointment, and then there’s the normal cleaning/grocery run to do before Monday.  I’d still like to organize the garment fabrics and do a bit of garment sewing.  And now that I figured out how to get photos off the phone, I need to find where they went on the Mac before I clean up the phone.  We’ll see how much I get done, as usual I have too much plans, too little time.


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