Time Flies….

Well, that 2 months flew by!  I have gotten the QOV back from being quilted (a simple stars and squiggles all-over pattern), and got the binding on it.  Now to get it delivered tomorrow, or Wednesday, presentation is Nov. 19th.  After making this, the Necchi is ready for some oil and cleaning!

The Union Special is no longer frozen.  I had to move it, and just for the heck of it, tried to move the pulley wheel (where the belt would go, it’s definitely not easily moved by hand) and it moved about a quarter turn!  Turned it the other way and it moved a bit farther, and after a few attempts each direction, it finally turns completely.  It’s still stiff, but with some more oil and turning, I think it can be brought back to life.  Now to contact the company for information about needle, threading, and missing/broken parts availability.

I also got a top sewn – Vogue 9057, in a Nicole Miller knit from Joann Fabrics.  I cut a size XXL, but I think I might have been able to cut a XL.  I also did a wee bit of FBA by adding just a bit on the front side seams from about 1 inch under the arm down about 4 inches and tapered back to the normal seam line.  All sewing done on the sewing machine using wobble stitch.  I really should use the serger on the next one.  And learn to use that cover stitch machine I thought I had to have.  One thing I didn’t realize while cutting out was that the neckline and sleeve cut was a raw edge treatment.  Not the look I was after, so I ended up having to piece the the neckline binding as I didn’t have fabric long and wide enough to do a single strip.  I just folded up a hem for the sleeves which are a tiny bit short.  One thing I’ll do differently next time is to reduce the neckline, as it is just a bit wide for my preference.  No straps (or anything else) showing, it’s more it would keep the sweaters I’ve been wearing with it from being scratchy on my neck.  And it’s rarely warm enough for me to not wear a sweater.

So, here’s some bad photos.  I really had to wedge into the small area at the mirrors, where the light isn’t all that great.  Maybe someday I’ll have a better setup, or master the timer on the camera, until then, this is what you get for photos on me.  Otherwise it will be photos on the dress form.


Vogue 9057, Nicole Miller knit fabric


Guess I should have straightened out the back – it stuck to my jeans after I was reaching around in my first attempts to take the back view photo.

I’ve been looking for my Fons & Porter design “wall” – it’s really a large flannel/vinyl sheet.  I found some Command spring clips to hang it up with in DS’s former room.  I have no idea where it’s at.  I had it clipped to the mirrors (closet doors shut) at one time, took it down and put it away so I could get in the closet.  Sigh…..maybe I’ll take the truck to work one day this week and buy a couple sheets of insulation board to prop up in there if it’s not too expensive.  That F&P sheet wasn’t all that big if I recall correctly.  Certainly not big enough for a full-queen size quilt.

That’s about it for sewing news here.  Maybe next time I’ll have more exciting tales and photos.  Bye for now…


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