Holiday sewing

Long time no write.  Again.

Let’s see, no progress cleaning up the Union Special, other than giving the wheel a turn or two now and then.  I did just email the company asking if they had any information about her.

I found the F & P design wall sheet, right out in the open on top of the steam press.  I did get a few yards of flannel to cover some insulation sheets, but still haven’t gotten those.  Hopefully this week.

I have another Vogue 9057 top in progress in another Nicole Miller fabric from Joann.   I still need to sew the underarm/side seams and hems.  I think I’ll give that coverstitch I thought I needed a couple years ago a try.  If we don’t get on, I think I’ll be finding it a new home.  I’ve used the sewing machine for the other tops I’ve sewn in the last year and they look fine.

I’m off work until Jan. 9, a couple days will be tied up for running errands.  Hopefully I can get another QOV top done, and at least one more top done.  I had to finally remove a couple blouses I made years ago as the fabric around all edges just got too tatty.  I’ll post photos of whatever I do get done soon.

Oh – for anyone who has one of those d*mned lever operated bathtub drains (the plunger type not the pop-up), if it stops draining and there’s no gross crud blocking the drain, try flipping the lever a few times.  Even if you never use it to fill the tub.  We’ll not discuss how much time I wasted today trying to unclog a drain that was not clogged.

Edited to add – I forgot my manners!  I hope you had a good Christmas!  And since I doubt I’ll post before New Years, I hope you have a great New Year.


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