A bit of news on the sewing front…

Since the last post, here’s what I did the rest of the time I had off in January –

I heard back from Union Special, they said it’s an 1800AA or AG, for sewing bags, made in 1915.  Also attached to the reply were 3 files of manuals.  Sweet!  At first, when I saw “for sewing bags” I thought handbags, but then saw in the manual it’s for sewing things like feed, flower, sugar bags and such.  Now I can try and figure out what needles it needs.  Even if I only ever give it a spin or two by hand, it would be nice to see it actually make stitches.

I did get the insulation sheets and design wall put together.  It is 2 full sheets of 2 inch thick pink foam board, curtain lining flannel duct taped on.  I used curtain flannel because it’s 54 inches wide, gotten on a pre-Christmas sale plus coupon at Joann.  I did a minor goof and somehow with all the flipping of flannel and insulation sheets, got the flannel on the printed side of the insulation.  There’s a bit of shadow from the printing, but not bad.   I guess if it bothers too much I’ll have to keep making quilts, or at least blocks, to cover it up.  I think I need to fasten the top ends to the wall so I can move the bottom closer to the wall.  One cat thinks that the little space is just perfect for sleeping.


Auditioning string pieced blocks for QOV top.

The quilt blocks shown here are for my 2nd QOV quilt top, and needed pins, as those block were on paper and did not stick.  I ended up going with a vertical zig-zag.  I bought those blocks at the Quad City quilt show in 2016, 2 packs of 50 each for a total of $30.  While they may have saved a lot of time cutting fabric and piecing blocks, getting that paper out was a time consuming Royal Pain In The A…….   Also, some of those blocks had seams very close to the corners, so close that some of my seams had the corner seams allowances in them.  I won’t say I’ll never use those again, but I don’t think it will be any time soon.


American Jane – Merry Go Round pattern

The blocks in the 2nd photo are ones I’ve had partially done for a few years, but never had a place to lay them out.  The wall made it SO much easier.  I’ve been looking at the arrangement, and every now and then I move a couple of blocks.  For example, on the lower left, there were blocks with black and red outside rings right next to each other.   I’ve moved the red to the right side.  I think I’m finally happy with it and need to make a template so I can double check that the half-hexagons are correct so it hopefully goes together without much drama.  It is an American Jane pattern – Merry Go Round, made with 3(?) jelly rolls of Punctuation fabric, also American Jane.  It’s a lot brighter than the photo shows.  I really need to do something about the lighting in the room.  I added 2 vertical rows of hexagons and 1 horizontal row, as the pattern sizes seem a bit small for use on a bed, but on that wall, now it seems huge.  OTOH, there’s a quite a few seam allowances not sewn in yet.

I got the Vogue 9057 top finished, and figured out the cover stitch (Janome 1000CPX).  Sorry, no photo at this time.  The first issue was figuring out how to thread it.  I used the tie on and pull through, as the manual and my eyes or comprehension were not cooperating.  I was so happy to see that each needle has its own set screw.  My serger has only 1 screw to hold both needles and usually much foul language is used when inserting 2 needles on that.  The cover stitch would go fine for about an inch or so, then things would hang up.  I finally figured out that the little extension table was put on wonky in back and the fabric was hanging up and not feeding thought.  We will not discuss how long it took to figure that one out.  I raised the back and side necklines on this top by 1 1/2 inches, and like it much better.  Next time I’ll also add about 2 inches to the sleeve length.  I cut out a cardigan (McCall 5978) from some hot pink and black zebra-ish print, probably from either Hancock (I still miss them!) or Joann.  I would have gotten it farther along, but ended up spending a day thinking about DH’s pension options which I wasn’t expecting to do.  I ended up putting the numbers in a spreadsheet and making graphs because the way he had it figured had me confused.  We came up with the same results, but from different ways.

There was not much done in the way of sewing this weekend, I successfully ignored house cleaning last weekend, and could not put it of much longer.  Well, I *could* but there is one drawback of laminate floors I’ve never seen in the pro/con decision lists – if grit or dirt starts getting into the seams, they start making noise.

The forecast for freezing rain tomorrow morning just went from 0.06 inches to 0.16 inches.  It’s not a lot, but then it doesn’t take much for driving to become dangerous. Even if the main highways are passable, it’s the city/town streets that often remain iced over.  And the older I get, the less it takes to make me stay home.  I do not envy those of you getting the bunt of the storm.

Thanks for stopping by…


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