Didn’t think you’d hear from me so soon, did you!

WOOT!   I have an unexpected day off.  I got up, checked the weather and road conditions, and sent email to manager that I’d be in closer to noon-ish.  He emailed back work is closed?!  I never even thought to check the closures, they close so rarely.  Maybe 4 times in almost 40 years?

2nd QOV top - string pieced blocks

So this morning I got the backing for the QOV top pieced and pressed, and a photo of the top.  I guess I should have hung up those shirts on the chair first.  Now to decide whether to work on the cardigan or some hand quilting, or needlework.

Still no photo of the last top I finished.

While I’m thinking about it, I have a request for bloggers, especially those who use Blogger – please add “name/url” or “name/email” to the options for commenting.  I refuse to mix work and personal Google IDs on my home computer and the work computer.  That means often I can’t comment on breaks/lunch at work.  Too often the WordPress option gives OpenID errors.  And too often I’ve forgotten what I wanted to write and where by the time I get home.  Thank you!


One Response to “Didn’t think you’d hear from me so soon, did you!”

  1. Faye Lewis Says:

    Beautiful quilt top!

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