In the last 2 months…

I’m not doing so great at the blogging again!   I had no idea it’s been 2 months again already.  I can see why so many formerly frequently posting bloggers are moving to Instagram.  A quick snap, a few lines, and hit a button.  I’m working on not over-thinking my writing, as that’s what takes so long for me to get something written.  The sewing one day every weekend is working well.  The house is suffering, but I’m getting sewing done.  Except this weekend, yesterday I HAD to buckle down and get my part of the tax stuff done, which I did, and turned the envelope over to DH to do his part.

OK, let’s see, where did I leave off at the last posting?

QOV top

My 3rd QOV top

The American Jane hexagon quilt has some rows sewn together.  The bottom 3 rows of hexagons are together, so at least now the cats aren’t sitting on the blocks way at the bottom.  No photo of the progress on that today.

Here’s the Vogue 9057 I finished back in January.  It’s nice and comfortable, but I fear it’s not getting the laundry treatment it should have.  The fabric (rayon/spandex) is starting to look a bit faded, but is not pilling so far.

Vogue 9057

Vogue 9059 made with neckline raised in back and on sides by about 1.5″ when cutting out.

And here’s the other Vogue 9057 I finished in November.  I just did not like the neckline that large.  I was going to replace the original binding with a really wide binding.  Instead, I pieced a tube a slight bit shorter than the opening, folded it in half length-wise and then shifted each long edge so it wasn’t flat.  I simply sewed it on by stitching right next to the original binding.  It worked out well and is much more comfortable now.

Vogue 9057

Vogue 9059 reworked neckline

And the McCall 5978 cardigan…it did not turn out the best.  I think I should have made another top instead.  I used the wrong fusible interfacing, it’s too heavy.  The fabric is rather slippery with not much body.  As a result some of the seaming is leaving much to be desired.  I also have NOTHING to wear with it, my black tank top disappeared last summer.

McCall 5978

McCall 5978, not my best work.

And in non-sewing projects, I had to raccoon-proof the cat dishes.  A couple weeks ago, the stinking things STOLE the dishes!  Totally ran away with them!  Twice!  Each time I found one dish wayyyyy out in the back yard, no sign of the other dishes.  So an eye bolt, lock nut, 1/16″ cable and some clips and fastened to the bench fixed that.  They’ve tried to run off with them with no success so far.  Am I declaring victory?  Not yet, they are persistent if nothing else.  And if I don’t get out there to pick up any cat food left by the cats, they will keep returning.


Raccoon-proofed (I hope!) cat food dishes – eye bolt, lock nut, clips, and 1/16″ cable fastened to the bench.  Looks like I should have washed them before the photo!

Continuing work on the hexagon quilt is my plan for next weekend, maybe even during the week after work if I get home soon enough.  I’d like to get it off the wall so I can put the next QOV top on it.  Here’s hoping another 2 months doesn’t flash by before posting again….


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