Quilt tops DONE!

News from the sewing front –

The American Jane quilt top is DONE!  I wish I knew when I started it.  I got the pattern and jelly rolls and started sewing the blocks fairly quickly to the half hexagon stage.  Then they sat for a few years because I had no good place to lay them out.  Needless to say – I am so happy I made the design wall.  Any way, here’s the completed top, the colors are truest toward the bottom left –

American Jane pattern, American Jane Alphabet(?) jelly roll fabrics

Also completed is QOV top number 4.  It’s the same pattern as #3, just different secondary colors.  This one went together much better, the other was started at a QOV sew-in.  Huh.  I don’t think I posted the story on #3 last time…so here it is –

The QOV top was sent off for quilting and binding, I don’t know if it was given out at the presentation a couple of weeks ago.  I had conflicting plans and could not attend.  Here’s another QOV top, made from a kit the group I attend made.  They used the 9″ Go Qube, and I bought it at the QOV sew-in day in February.  Once again, I had issues with final size.  For one thing, I used the Featherweight at the sew-in, I suspect my seams were a bit off.  Also, as I got parts sewn, others came and did pressing, and then as the day went on and others needed things to do, they came and sewed other parts together.  I’m wondering if we all had a slightly different quarter inch?  Not complaining, just pondering!  I have another kit with the same red/white/blue fabric, but blues for the other bits, but have not started it yet.  I think I’m going to get a quarter inch foot for the Necchi.   And here’s top #4, ready to take for quilting and binding by others –


QOV top #4 from a kit made by the QOV group I belong to.

I think next non-QOV top will be working on the butterfly top Mom appliqued.  She sewed the blocks together with no sashing, which means it’s rather small for a bed, and too big for a lap quilt.  So I’m going add sashing.  The next QOV top is undecided – maybe another kit if there are any left?  But I have so much fabric, maybe I should be kitting up my own, or another scrappy rail fence?

I need to make a couple more tops, I have a some shirts in the closet that are starting to look a bit tatty.  They’ll probably be a couple more V9057 in the interest of time.  Especially since yard & garden work is roaring down on me.  January & February crawled, March flew by and whatta ya mean it’s half way through April already?!?!??!

In other news – the raccoons have not (yet) succeeded in running of with the cat dishes again.  The Canada geese are wandering about the yard acting like they think it would be a good spot for a nest.  Which leads to –

I did not know Canada geese will land in trees

There was another on the ground wandering around, and another pair down the hill.

Thanks for stopping by….


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