A few things done

but not enough it seems to me….

June?!?!   Yeesh.

The 2 quilts are still at the machine quilters.  Wait – I know I showed the American Jane last post, did I ever show the pink/red/green “rose” quilt top?  Maybe not, I can’t even find any photos of it, odd, I could swear I took some.  They probably will not be done until end of the month.  Or did I tell the one quilter end of July would be fine?  Oh well, they are not gifts, and there is no need for them until winter anyway.  This time of year, the machine quilters around here are kept quite busy with graduation present quilts.

QOV #3 came back from quilting & I did the binding and turned it in for laundering and presentation.  QOV top #4 got turned in a few weeks ago for quilting, I don’t know if I’ll get it back to do the binding or if someone else will be doing it.  Here is QOV top #5, finished and turned in this week for quilting.  It was another kit I bought and yet again, I ended up trimming every block.  After watching some of the Accuquilt videos, noting their stressing of making sure lengthwise grain of fabric is fed into the machine, and looking at the pieces in the kit, I’m fairly sure at least part of my woes is the way fabric was fed into the machine.  I know when I helped with cutting a kit or 2, I was feeding it in on the cross grain.  I mean, when you take 2 squares that are the same size, and they don’t match up before stitching, it’s not my sewing!  I know I still need to work on my 1/4″ seams though.  And I did find a long-shank 1/4″ presser foot with a guide for the Necchi.  And yeah…the 1/4″ I’ve been using (marked with several layers of painters tape on the machine) and the 1/4″ on this foot are not the same.

After getting the last quilts off the design wall, I rearranged the room.  I swapped the design wall to the opposite wall, not only will the fabrics be out of the sun for fading, photos should come out a bit better also.  The ironing board stayed where it’s at due to the lighting from the window, and I moved the cart with the steam press into that room.  Now all the pressing/ironing equipment is in one room.  Several years ago, I found a LauraStar board at an estate sale.  Ever since it’s been sitting unused due to space and I was sort of afraid to plug it in.  A couple weeks ago, I took it to the kitchen (GFI outlets there) and held my breath and plugged it in and…..woohoo! no circuit breakers tripped!  I started reading the instructions and realized the fill bottle and drain tray must have been in another pile somewhere at the sale.  I got new ones ordered and now I need to clean and fill it and give it a real tryout.  I’ve just been using it for the board, not using the iron part because I could set it a bit higher than my old board – a real back-saver!

I’m off on “vacation” this week, more correctly – I’m using vacation time.  As usual, my list of things to do far outpaces the time I have to do them.  I have made no progress on sewing more tops, or reworking Mom’s butterfly quilt, or hand quilting the bird quilt.  I just got the tomato and jalapeno pepper plants put in the garden yesterday.  I have a box with radishes, romaine & 2 types of kale, planted about the first week of May that sprouted and are not growing.  Not dying, not growing, just sitting there.  That’s it for my garden this year, and I think that until I retire, that’s about all my garden will be.

Today, I need to fix (or at least start) drawers on a small dresser I bought at an estate sale a couple months ago.  It needs 3 drawer bottoms and 2 drawer sides replaced due to moisture damage.  I also got a finish to put on the drawers, not only to reduce chance of future warping, but to keep odors (very faintly mildew) from transferring to the needlework things I plan on putting in it.  Or maybe I should put the beads and art supplies in it, they shouldn’t pick up much in the way of odors.

Friday, I plan on going to quilt shops in Muscatine and West Branch & a quilt show in Iowa City.  We’ll see – I hate driving in Iowa CIty, the show is downtown, part of an art festival, and I have no idea on where the best chance of parking is, I’ve already dropped a huge amount of quilting fabric at a couple of sales the last couple weeks.  My sciatic nerve has been acting up and…  Wah!Wah!Wah!!!    I’ll quilt whining now.

Thanks for stopping by…


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