June Shop Hop & Cute Trouble

I hope all had a good July 4th.  And a good Canada Day for anyone reading from up there.

I started writing this June 18th, and never got it posted, so if it rambles and wanders about, apologies.  I’ve been using vacation days this week.  As usual, way too much on the to-do list, not enough done.

I’ve started QOV #6 this week, another kit from the group.  I think I need to move the controller on the Necchi from the cabinet to the floor.  After spending an entire day sewing, my sciatic nerve was giving me fits for the next 2 days.  Or just not sew all day?  I got the blocks about 2/3 of the way assembled, and need to press before continuing to finish them.  Then there’s putting them all together, border, etc.

I finished the dresser drawers.I bought at an estate sale a couple months ago.  I got the wood and cut new bottoms and sides a few weeks ago.  Then started to use the hand-held rotary tool to cut a groove in one side.  It’s slow, saw dusty and noisy work!  So I rethought the plan.  I put the old sides in a plastic bag with wet paper towels and clamped between 2x4s.  When I checked them the next day, they were totally soft and flexible, maybe too much so?  After waiting a few days to let them dry, came to the conclusion that was not going to work.  The veneer fell off, they got more cracks, etc.  So back to the Ryobi again.  While looking for the other bits I thought I had (never did find those), I did find a router attachment for it!   WOOOT!!  It was a royal pain to adjust, and using it was…interesting,  But I figured it out, didn’t break the drawer sides, router, put an eye out, or cause and loss of blood.  Last weekend, I got the drawers reassembled and this week, the drawer insides were given a coat of water based polyurethane, and the drawer glides waxed.  Yesterday was spent moving my needlework fabrics from plastic drawers to the “new” dresser, the flosses from a sturdier dresser to the plastic drawers, organizing them by type as I went,  Today the art supplies were consolidated to the sturdier dresser, and I went through and organized the bead & jewelry supplies.  I did manage to put some things in a bag to take to thrift shop, not nearly as much as I should have though.

June Shop Hopping –

On June 2nd, I did go to the quilt shops in Muscatine and West Branch & a quilt show in Iowa City.  The Little Red Hen in Muscatine is dangerous to my finances!  I’m sort of glad I don’t get there often.  They have a lot of Civil War type fabrics, and many of the reds, blues and near-white fabrics work well in QOV quilts.  They also have a lot of wools.  I had trouble getting to Neal’s downtown.  I have found a town I dislike driving in as much as Iowa City.  Muscatine – PLEASE put in bigger and more street signs!!!  Neal’s is a nice little shop, more general and kids fabrics, if memory serves correctly.  But I don’t know that I will go back, not a lot of what I look for, and parking is crap, especially when trucks park in the alley and block access to the parking spots.

Cotton Creek Mill in West Branch is a nice bright shop and I found a few more fabrics.  They have a nice selection of Civil War and primitive stye fabrics and more modern ones.

Then on to Iowa City and the quilt show..  Found the church, and parking nearby (bring LOTS of quarters or a credit card for street parking meters).  After the quilt show, I missed getting hit by someone running a read light on the way to Home Ec. Workshop.  Literally missed by a couple feet!!  Thank you to whoever invented anti-lock brakes!  Home Ec. Workshop is a nice little store in the bottom of a house, with more yarn than fabric though.  If I live in IC and knitted, I’d be a regular customer, I did find a bit of cute garden and kitty fabrics to come home with me.  Darn, I just thought maybe I should have taken photos of the stash additions.

Here are a couple of photos of the quilt show.  Lots of lovely quilts, but with quilts shown like this, you can’t seen the full quilt and it’s really hard to get good photos.  But it’s better than not seeing them at all.  I’m glad it was a nice sunny day, had it been cloudy, it would have been too dark for photos.  I don’t like taking quilt photos with flash – it seems to wash out a lot of quilting details.

Then on to Mt. Vernon and Helios.  And I found more fabric, of course.  I keep forgetting they have $35 precut quilt backings.  I need to remember to look there next time I get a quilt that far.

And then home it was.  I was tired, achy, and so were my finances.

Over the next few weeks, I got to Inspired To Sew (aka Pine Needles) in Cedar Rapids & Connie’s Quilt Shop in Marion, Heartland Cottons in DeWitt and Expressions in Threads in LeClaire.  I was fortunate that I was able to get off work at 4:00 a couple of times, usually I’m not walking out until 5:00 when they close.  At Inspired, I got a bunch of Kaffe Fasset fabrics and some others suitable for QOV quilts.  At Connie’s I picked up a few more QOV suitable fat quarters.  I picked up a few fat quarters at Heartland, and yet more at Expressions.  If QOV fabrics is your mission, I’d recommend Connie’s, Expressions, or Little Red Hen.  If Civil War repress is your mission, Connie’s and Little Red Hen.

After all this shop hopping, I was going to put a temporary halt on hobby spending, but then came the Accuquilt email on their July 4th sale.  Somehow the companion sets for the 6″, 8″, and 9″ Qubes ended up on my doorstep.  I’d been pondering buying the 8″ & 9″ companion sets, to go with the Qubes I have, but could not pass on those savings for the 6″ companion set also, even though I don’t have the 6″ Qube, that’s next on my purchase list.  If I had a larger cutter, the 12″ companion set would also have shown up on my doorstep.  So NOW the temporary halt on hobby buying begins!  At least until the end of July when Heartland has their 5th Saturday sale.

Here’s a shot of Cute Trouble.  The beginning of June, I looked out and saw these guys perched on a piece of stump  that’s a planter looking at our cat on the bench.  I tried to get photos, but it was too dark.  No sign of momma, and they were small enough they had no clue what to do with the cat food left in the bowl.  Last night I saw them again, much bigger and eating cat food.  It’s definitely time to empty the dishes.  The stray cat will have to get here sooner for his supper.



And now a question for quilters –

I was reading a blog that I use to reward myself to slogging through another work week and this post


got me thinking – why not take a page from garment sewers and use a very light weight fusible interfacing on the back of the blocks’ bias edges as they are made?  Or on what will be the bias block edge as the pieces are cut?  Sort of like when we stabilize the pocket edges on pants or necklines right after cutting, so they don’t have a chance to stretch out.

Thanks for stopping by…



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