QOV #6 Progress

Here’s QOV #6, the blocks are sewn, but not to each other yet.  I’m debating whether to put sashing between them, or not.  I kind of like the blue.  This particular red is too dark, maybe lighter red?  But no sashing and just a border to bring it to size means it will be finished and turned in for quilting faster.

QOV #6 with sashing options

QOV #6, the blue is good, the red is too dark.

I added a bit of pool noodle to the controller lever on the Necchi, it seems to help a bit, as does remembering to take frequent breaks and walk around.  I think rather than putting the controller on the floor, I’m going to get a couple of 2x4s and put under the cabinet.  This will allow me to pull the chair up closer.

The American Jane hexagon quilt is back from the quilters, now to get the binding on.  I was going to use leftover strips for the binding, but the quilter suggested using bias binding because of all the mitering I’ll be doing on the sides.  I have not checked what I have in the stash, hopefully there’s something that would work and that I have enough of.

I think I mentioned the LauraStar ironing board a while back.  I got it at an estate sale, a few years ago and never really had a place to set it up.  A couple months ago, I got it out, read instructions, and plugged it it.  I also found that the fill bottle and drain pan were missing.  I got new bottle and tray and tried it out 😦   The steamer heats up, the fan works, but there’s no heat or steam on the iron, and a bit of water came out the drain plug.  I hope the leak is because I didn’t have it tight enough.  But the no heat or steam out the iron is disappointing.  If I can’t figure it out, I’m wondering if there’s a way to use the fan part with my regular iron.  It might mean having to hit a separate button, but it could be workable.

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2 Responses to “QOV #6 Progress”

  1. Lori Brewer-Quiltingneeds.com Says:

    I think they look great just the way they are.

    • JustGail Says:

      I’m going with no sashing. I’m trying to keep in mind our QOV leader’s philosophy that more quilts done fast and good is better than fewer quilts done slow and fancy.

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