QOV top #6 finished

and ready to be turned in for quilting and binding.  In real life, the white isn’t quite so white, i has red stars on it.  I’m always puzzled by how different many quilts look in person, vs. how the camera sees them.

QOV top #6


I haven’t given the hexagon quilt any thought about the binding, so nothing to report on that one.  Saturday, other quilt top I had quilted was done and I picked it up.  This one will probably be done first, as it’s all straight sides and I have fabric on hand for the binding.  I keep thinking I should take apart the butterfly quilt top Mom made and start adding the sashing to make it a bit bigger for use on a bed.  But I really don’t need another unfinished project, do I?  No much garment sewing to report on, no fabulous fabric or pattern purchases either.  In fact, I had a couple fabrics and patterns in hand, walked around the store and put them back.  Although I did splurge on Vogue 1355 – I missed getting to Joann when they were on sale, and when I looked in the drawer to check if I really wanted it, they had the pink side up on the tag.  And I am working on a list of fabrics to keep an eye out for, so I don’t keep ending up with fabrics that don’t work with much else in the wardrobe.  Checking if it goes with denim just hasn’t worked out for me.

Oh, and now for a WTH?! comment – on my weekly run at Wmart, I was going to pick up some wooden hangers to put the quilts on while waiting for their binding.  They had wood hangers, but they appeared to be UNFINISHED?!  I mean the wood was nice and smooth, but there was no finish on them to keep wood acids from leaching out.  And yes, at my current work rate, I can easily see quilts hanging on them long enough to be damaged.    Oh, another mini rant – I bought cellular blinds at Home Depot to replace ratty roller shades and I could NOT get the blinds snapped into the brackets.  There is nothing to keep the bracket from sliding off the front of the header while you are trying to shove up on the back to snap into the clamp.  Those things are going back!!

Any suggestions for where to buy wood hangers or cellular blinds?

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