Long Overdue Update

Well.  I didn’t mean to be so long between posts.  It’s been a case of “life happens” with Dad.  He’s 92 and was doing OK up until September.  Since then, I’ve been at his house every Sunday afternoon and one doctor appointment during the week.  At least we thought he was doing OK, but now that I’ve had a chance to go through this years paperwork, something had been starting in June.  We moved him to assisted living the end of November, it should have been done a year ago, given his eating (rather lack of) situation.  He just wasn’t thinking about eating.  Now at least he’s getting 3 meals a day put in front of him, and he’s eating regularly.

This is the only sewing from scratch I’ve done since September – QOV #7 for me.  It’s from a kit from the QOV group I go to.  All was going well until I sewed the last seam of the blocks.  I got the wrong side of the blocks sewn together.  The blue triangles were supposed to be on the outer corners of the blocks.  It sat at this point for 3 months, while I kept debating if I should take off that right column of half blocks off and move it to the left side.  I left it as it was, taking the “done better than perfect” route.  I just got the border done the day after Christmas and it’s now to the group organizer for quilting and binding.

QOV #7, ready for quilting & binding


Otherwise, sewing has been altering and mending, but the pile is gone!  I know, I should take photos of these mending jobs.  But really, does anyone have much interest?  It’s so much more fun to look at from-scratch sewn garments and quilts.

  • Dad was having issues with his pants.  For some reason thought his jeans were “not nice enough” to wear at assisted living.  He’s changed over to wearing work pants (a brand that starts with D) that have a hook & eye that keeps coming unfastened when he cinches up the belt.  I replaced the hook & eyes with heavy duty snaps.  It turned out to be a much less bothersome job than mending jeans I’m usually whining about.  The hard part was getting the old hook & eye’s unclamped.  Sewing the band back down was a bit tricky, I had to watch out and sew very slowly on the bottom edge, lest I ram into a bit of zipper.  In fact, when I got near that part, I turned the hand wheel by hand so I could feel if I was hitting metal zipper teeth or fabric.  The Featherweight handled the job like a champ.  I used it because I took it along and did all of his pants in his room at assisted living.
  • DS had a pair of flannel lined jeans that the front pocket frayed thru at the top and then got a rip in it from the top down the front.  There were also a couple other holes that I just hand stitched around to keep them from fraying any farther in laundering.  With the flannel lining, there was no way to properly patch them without ripping out side seams, and at this point, I didn’t want to do that.  When done, I gave him a mild stink-eye and asked that he not leave things so long before sneaking them into the sewing room.
  • I had a fleece jacket that the nylon zipper separated and was no longer reliable.  I replaced it with a plastic 2-way zipper after waffling on doing another zipper or going with a new placket and buttons.
  • I also fixed an insulated grocery bag by adding a bit of reinforcing fabric and stitching a few lines to hold it together.  I’m waffling on making my own (have plenty of fabrics!) but when they cost a few dollars to buy new, is it worth my time?
  • DH ripped the back of a pair of jeans out where the pocket is.  That will involved removing the pocket, adding a backing fabric and stitching those together and then sewing the pocket back down.

OK, back to more fun things!  I bought this quilt at the flea market/antique show in Maquoketa this fall.  It’s of 1940’s fabrics (I think), hand sewn, hand quilted, big enough for a full-size bed, and in lovely condition.  It has no binding, just the edges folded together and whip stitched together.  And it cost a grand total of $100.  I’m of mixed emotions on that.  I’m glad I didn’t pay more, but really, with the amount of work and fabric, it’s shameful that’s all it brought.

All hand-sewn hexagon quilt

all 4 sides follow the hexagon shape

no binding, edges turned and whip stitched

I acquired another quilt, this one I remember from my childhood.  The most of the squares are bark cloth and it’s tied, not quilted.  I have a doll quilt of the same fabrics.

bark cloth squares, 1940s? 1930s?

the backing goes great with the sashing on front

I’m off work until Jan. 8, a combination of holiday shutdown at work and a few vacation days.  You’d think I have sewing plans made for the whole time.  But I don’t – the sewing room is a pit, I have papers and photos to sort from Dad’s, a few things to clean up at Dad’s house yet (food, clean up some things, etc).  I’ll be happy if I get the HandyQuilter I just got last week (haven’t touched it yet 😦   ) set up and give it some practice. Though if it remains this blasted cold, I may abandon the tentative plans to go clean out at Dad’s one day and go to a quilt shop or two I rarely get to another, and stay home and sew a couple badly needed tops.

Thanks for stopping by…


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