What’s been going on….

Sigh.   I just don’t seem to be doing so well on blogging on a regular basis.  Again. 

After Christmas, Dad started another decline, which got very much worse in the middle of February when we put him into hospice care, and he passed away the end of February, at the age of 92.  He’d been mentally ready to go for a long time, and was rather upset that his body had its own schedule.  Dad missed Mom terribly ever since she passed away 4 years ago.  He never wanted to end up laying in a bed and not able to get up.  At least it lasted “only” a bit over a week.  Still far too long for someone who was till climbing up into dryer bins and driving around the fields in the Gator until a couple years ago.  Estate paperwork took up a big chunk of time for a few weeks, right now, it’s sort of a lull.  For a bit, it’s mostly just keeping the bills paid and thinking about the future.

A couple of months ago, I deliberately and totally ignored cleaning for a weekend and worked on the butterfly quilt blocks Mom started when I was little and finished about 15 years ago.  I got sashing between the blocks done.  I did the same another weekend and did the borders and pieced the backing.  I had just a touch over 7 yards of backing fabric and ended up with 1/4 yard left over.  Whew!  Now to get some practice in on the HandiQuilter and get it quilted.  Or back to some more QOV tops to make up?  The group I had joined that had a monthly get-together that ran into evenings….well, the group is still going on, but ends at 5:00 now.  The leader says call her any time to come over and check out the fabrics, but well, somehow that just isn’t working out for me.  I’m not saying I won’t renew membership, just doing a bit of selfish whining.  Here’s a shot on the dress form –

Mom’s applique & embroidered butterfly blocks.

And here’s the backing, which I found at Joann –

backing fabric for butterfly quilt

I found some nice rayon-spandex knits at Jo-Ann fabrics a few weeks ago.  That was a nice surprise – I usually apparel fabrics that I like the color & design at Jo-Ann are polyester.  I made up 1 Vogue 7957 view A and have have 6 more cuts washed and on the table ready to become more Vogue 9057 view A and maybe view B.  And based on the top I made, I’ll have enough to make tank tops or other sleeveless tops as well.  It may sound odd, but I really need to wear sleeves at work, and often at stores and at home.  The air conditioning is just too cold in my opinion.  I reeeeally need new tops – a few of my blouses and tops have given up the ghost.  Not only were the edges frayed terribly, but the fabric wore thin in a few spots and shredded.  They’ve lasted at least 10 years, so no complaints on that part.  It maybe boring reading for anyone who stops by to read, but right now for garment sewing, I’m going for getting things sewn, instead of taking out a new pattern and figuring out what adjustments and how to make them.  Here’s the completed top, and the rest of the fabrics, patiently waiting –

Vogue 9057, with the neckline narrowed a bit

the next 6 fabrics for tops

I have a closet full, but not much to wear.  Seriously, most of what’s in there no longer fits 😦    Maybe it’s time to uncover the treadmill or start running outside again, along with more closely watching what and how much I eat.  I fear I may have become a stress eater in the last couple of years.  Why, oh why, couldn’t I have become a stress sewer, needleworker or knitter/crocheter at night?!

There’s a chance of a rainy Sunday this weekend, maybe I’ll get another top done.

Thanks for stopping by…


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