Just a quick update….

This is more of a post just so I don’t get too far out of habit on this again.  Not much of interest to the sewing/quilting world is included.

No progress on quilts has been made. I did get 2 more tops cut out from Vogue 9057, view B. The plan is that these will go under the 2 tank top versions of the same view, with the hem slanted the other direction. I decided to use the serger, but it appears to have decided it doesn’t like poly-spandex nearly as well as it likes rayon-spandex knits. With the poly-spandex, a thread of fabric works between the knife and case and hangs up. Time for a new knife in the serger? So, it will be back to the sewing machine to finish them. Oh, and a mending project – DH’s favourite hat for lawn mowing. I think no more mending on it as the fabric is becoming sun rotted.

Estate work has been taking up most of my off-work time and energy – the house is for sale, and offer accepted. Sure hope all goes OK for the rest of the deal. Now to get what remains out and to auction. The car is for sale, people are coming this afternoon to look at it. If that doesn’t go through, it’s time to list it. Still lots of paperwork to take care of and file, and thinking to do. Work has been a real pisser lately, so making phone calls when people you need to talk to are in the office is a trick. And it has been even more of a trick to be there when they call back.

If anyone ever asks you to be a trustee or executor, think very hard before saying yes. And if you do say yes, do NOT feel bad about asking for compensation. Rounding up paperwork, phone calls, emails, letters, selling items, it all adds up to quite a chunk of time, and possibly expenses for stamps, long distance, etc.

And a final word of advice – when moving items down stairs, make sure that next step is the one you think it is. No serious damage done, just my ego, bruises, a couple of dings in the wall, and some wood that needs glue. Sigh.


2 Responses to “Just a quick update….”

  1. Linda Durrant Says:

    Hello Gail. Did you leave a note on my blog about epoxy repair to your cast iron plant stand? I wanted you to know I appreciate you telling me about adding the wire to strengthen the repair. Sounds like a great idea.

    Sorry, I wasn’t able to reply to you on my blog. I’ve got a little glitch thingy going on there, and it won’t let me launch a comment or reply right now. I left feedback and hoping they will get it fixed pronto.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    • JustGail Says:

      Yes, I did. I’m always amazed at how the gorgeous old machines turn out with cleaning and oiling turn out. I rarely see anyone attempt repairing the cast iron parts. I hope it turns out well – it’s a gorgeous machine. So is your house.

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