An Apology to My Serger

You’ve been a good serger for 25(?) years. Even though you’ve sat idle for years at a time while my sewing languished, you came back to life after a bit of oil and a new needle or two, ready to go. You still make me nervous though. Not so much that I fear breaking you, but I know how fast you can chew through fabric. Not a bad thing, if I can keep track of where the fabric is. Which sometimes is not easy. However when you loved the rayon-spandex knit I fed you recently, and then suddenly you hated the poly-spandex part way through this top, I used foul language, first at the fabric, then you. And I’ve been sulking for a couple of weeks over your behaviour. It couldn’t be the blade I thought, not so suddenly. Wouldn’t that cause problems gradually? Looking closer, tiny strands of fabric were wedging between blade and chassis, and hanging up. Could it be?

Then I thought about how old you are, and that you have the original cutting blade, and thought about all the new needles you’ve gotten. I replaced your blade and held my breath as I tried a scrap bit of fabric. Where you had been able to get only a couple of inches sewn before turning to crap, you now went almost a foot without issue. I put the top under your foot, stomped on the gas, and you did the full sleeve and bodice seam in one pass. Now to redo the seam that turned to a puckered mess due to my not sitting back to think clearly.

I’m sorry I blamed you. You did not deserve such foul thoughts. A new spare blade is on my shopping list. Maybe as old as you are, I should get a couple. At least I hope they are still available.

For anyone who might be reading and wondering, she’s a White 734DW. Early 90s vintage, 4 threads, no bells, whistles, plastic (except the case) or computers. Just solid and reliable service.


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