An over due post.

I started writing this October 13, and now it’s November 17!  Apologies if some things don’t make sense time-wise…  I really should just post and not worry so much about  quantity or lots of photos.  I cannot believe it’s mid November already!

Sewing has Happened!  And some sewing related ponderings & whinings.

We got Dad’s house sold, and all household goods left were hauled to auction.  The house sold for a decent price, and fast.  The auction was a disappointment, I only saw it advertised once, in several papers, and was poorly attended.  It seemed to be all pickers looking for bargains, no collectors and few people looking to buy items like furniture for their own use.  At least that’s one thing less estate item to deal with.  Hopefully there’s no more boxing/moving/hauling things.  The paperwork remaining will be quite enough, thank you!    I’ve taken all the 2017 paperwork out of the sewing room/office, boxed it up and put in the basement with the other paperwork from past years.  I need to consult with lawyer and accountant how long old statements need kept if there’s no accounts left.  I fear I may have re-aggravated my sciatic nerve while getting off the floor when going for another stack of papers to box up.  I will be SO happy when it’s down to just the farm books to keep track of.

Quilt News – not much.  The butterfly quilt is still on the design wall waiting my attention.  I did get to the QOV group a few weeks ago and picked up a quilt top kit.  I got blocks started and then… The last time the bobbin ran out while working on the QOV top, I stopped to clean out lint and oil her.  I oiled the points indicated in the manual on top, bottom, and I think a few not shown.  I’ve seen the advice that “on a Necchi, if it moves, oil it!” so I did.  While doing this, I also tried (again) to see if the feed dog button would work.  I’m not sure what I did this time, but when I rethreaded to continue the quilt top, there was no feeding the fabric.  Huh, raised it up poked prodded, flipped the lever for using cams, nothing.   Repeated, and now it’s feeding fabric – Yay!   But what’s this!?!?  Why is it no longer doing straight stitch???  I have no clue what I did when I was trying to get the feed dogs going again.  I need some advice from the good people over at Victorian Sweatshop!  Maybe they can tell me now to get the needle plate to rotate also.   Update – I got the needle plate to rotate with some application of oil top and bottom to the center pin and wiggle wiggle wiggle.  I don’t recall that Mom ever moved it.  So progress on this QOV top is halted, unless I switch to another machine.  But I’ve heard that can cause problems with differing seam allowances, so I’m still pondering that move.

I don’t know why I keep picking up red/white/blue fabrics when I’ve been doing kits cut by the QOV group on an Accuquilt.  The quilt fabric closet is stuffed!  I really need to get crankin’ with the GO! Baby and those dies!   HaHa – cranking with the GO!  Ahem.  It’s probably not that funny or original.  Speaking of Accuquilt, I really wish they would make it easier to figure out how many of the shapes are duplicated in another set, or separately.  And a couple weeks ago, I picked up 7 DMC thread drawers at an estate sale, so those are in the closet now as well.  Here’s the ugly truth of the state of the quilt fabric closet –

Quilt fabric closet left side


Quilt fabric closet right side. There’s also stacks of bins wiht fat quarters behind the gray carts.


Quilt fabric closet, batting on top shelf


Garment sewing news – I finished up 2 Vogue 9057, view B to go with 2 view C tops i made a year(?) ago.  At least that was the plan.  I must have flipped the bodice pieces when cutting one of them, as it has the hem slanted the same direction as the tank tops 😦  At first, I was a bit upset with myself.  However, after wearing the top that has the tank tops with hem in opposite directions, I’m leaning toward cutting the bottoms off the tank tops to add to the bottom hems, angled the proper direction, plus adding to the sleeve length and filling in the neckline a bit.  In other words, making a fake layered top look.  I’ve ignored the housekeeping today and took care of a few of life’s irritations fixable by a bit of sewing.  Moving a pencil holder in one handbag, adding a couple of elastic loops to my lunch bag to hold the tiny knife I use for opening lunches.  And those took longer to reach and find the supplies than to actually do them.  The stash of notions and odd bits & bobs could use a straightening and cleaning out.

Other sewing related things –

I could use a change in purchasing habits.  I’ve long been a purchaser of fabric & patterns thinking I have more time & energy than I really do, and sometimes for a lifestyle I don’t have.  Hopefully, I’ll be retiring in the next year or so.  I’ve had this plan for a few years, but now that it’s so much closer, it seems more like “oh my – this might actually happen!”.  I won’t be needing so many more nice tops for work.  When I’m at home, I’m a T-shirt, sweatshirt & sweatpants person.  So for patterns, I’m going to start applying my standard for dress patterns – it must have a *huge* “how’d they do that!?” factor to make into my basket.  I’m not sure what to do about the garment fabrics – other than think of how much I already have un-sewn.  But if I find a really nice knit – I’ll still buy.  Quilt fabrics – I really don’t know what to say about that.  I have a closet full, over-full actually.  But, if retirement plans do happen, I plan on sewing up a quilt storm.  Here’s the ugly truth on the garment fabric and pattern situation –

Garment fabric closet, left side. What doesn’t show is the stack of fabrics behind the ones you can see.

And yes, there are a lot of pattern boxes, with patterns on top waiting to be put away :-O      Too bad they don’t fit.

Garment fabric closet, right side

I’ll leave the state of the rest of the room for another time.


Thanks for stopping by.


2 Responses to “An over due post.”

  1. prttynpnk Says:

    Kudos. There is just no way I could keep everything so beautifully folded! My fabric is on hangers cuz I’m a riffle (rifle?) thru’er!

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