Quick post & cat photo

I’m going to try and post more frequently, even if not much to say on the sewing or needlework front.

Estate work ended up taking most of the long weekend.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and most of today were spent going over some investments and figuring out how best to divide them up.  And that doesn’t include a full day the prior weekend.  Not easy, when trying to get values and cost basis (what was paid for them) evenly divided.  Then add to trying to figure out how best to print things from Open Office so people can read the numbers.   And on the phone with insurance agent to get insurance changes started.  Long story short – I did not get to looking at Mom’s Necchi to see why and readjust it so it does straight stitch again.

No sewing, either, but I did pull the tops out that I’m going to rework to a fake layered look.

Since a photo of some sort is always good, here’s a photo of Sweet Mr Leroy, taken a few years ago.  He’s 17 last spring.  He used to be able to stand on the floor and hook his front paws on the edge of the kitchen counter.  For a long time, he like to jump up on the bathroom counter and drink water out of a little paper bathroom cup while I brushed my teeth in the morning.  He’s showing his age –  now he can’t jump onto the bathroom counter, just begs to be picked up and put up there.

Sweet Mr. Leroy


Thanks for stopping by.


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