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Plans. Do they ever work out?

December 16, 2018

Well.  I think my plan for my Monday & Friday off the week of Dec 3-7 was an estate related appointment, work on Necchi, modify the last 2 tops, and maybe finish the QOV top in progress.  The estate appointment is the only one happened.

Sister had surgery mid-November, and was then moved to a nursing home for further recovery.  Apparently she had different type of anesthetic than when she had hip replacements.  This time she had breathing issues after the surgery, so off to a nursing home she went.  One that’s suspiciously the only one with openings when she needed physical therapy after her hips were done.  She HATES it there.  Sunday night she called and said she was told by the nursing home doctor to set up hospice care.  That resulted in my going up to Minnesota this past week. (more…)