Plans. Do they ever work out?

Well.  I think my plan for my Monday & Friday off the week of Dec 3-7 was an estate related appointment, work on Necchi, modify the last 2 tops, and maybe finish the QOV top in progress.  The estate appointment is the only one happened.

Sister had surgery mid-November, and was then moved to a nursing home for further recovery.  Apparently she had different type of anesthetic than when she had hip replacements.  This time she had breathing issues after the surgery, so off to a nursing home she went.  One that’s suspiciously the only one with openings when she needed physical therapy after her hips were done.  She HATES it there.  Sunday night she called and said she was told by the nursing home doctor to set up hospice care.  That resulted in my going up to Minnesota this past week.

Monday was taken up by paperwork at the financial place getting estate things transferred.  Tuesday I left home at 5:30 am to drive up to Minnesota.  I got up there in good time (9 hours) and stopped in to see her.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a nursing home where there are no patients/residents sitting around in the halls, or lounge areas, waiting for or hoping for a visitor.  The nursing home Sister is in – no one sitting in the halls, dead quiet.  Odd.  Very Odd, in my opinion.

Wednesday, I accompanied her to doctor appointments.  Both doctors were rather stunned when she told them the nursing home doctor said she’s ready for hospice.  They took her off the oxygen, said no way she can have the next surgery until she’s in better condition, and that the medication changes should end the “food tastes like sh*t” stuff that was making her not eat, and start to resolve some of the other physical issues she’s been dealing with.

Thursday, I met with the lady that Sister has been having come in 2 days a week to help with a few things in the house.  She confirmed Sister’s opinion that the nursing home is not well run, keeps patients in as long as possible to keep the money coming in, not enough employees (not unusual for nursing homes anywhere it seems), and yes I’m not wrong about it odd that patients are in the rooms behind closed doors.  Then we went out to Sister’s little farm.  Driving up the lane, my first thought is “wow – cool barn”.  Lovely old bow roof barn, just enough faded paint and rusty hinges to give it character.  The house – from the outside, not as bad as I thought it might be.  At first glance, it’s small, needs paint and a new roof.  Then, I was asked how much I knew about the inside conditions.  Are your alarm bells going of like mine did?  I said I knew it was messy and cluttered.   When we walked in, I had no words.  If you’ve ever watched the TV show Hoarders…   yeah that’s what I walked into.  Now, what do I do about this?  I don’t want her to stay in the nursing home she hates, yet, to go back to that house…

Update – Sister just called to say she’s gotten the OK to go home tomorrow.

So.  The Necchi isn’t fixed yet.  I did find out that if I take off the plate around the needle position and stitch width levers, it does do a good straight stitch.  The adjustor manual page for this issue… the formatting has text and diagram all jumbled up.  I’ve reverted to kindergarten skills and cut and taped how I think it should be.  I need to post it somewhere and have them that know give it thumbs-up or down.

So, since I didn’t get this one fixed, do you think going out and acquiring another is a great idea?  I don’t really, but that’s just what I did.  There about 3 machines I lost out on because I waffled on them, so this one – I went and got.  I didn’t hurt that it was not a lot of money, not a couple or several hundred dollars.  And close by, not a couple hours of driving each way.  Here she is in all her rusty glory – a Singer 12 from 1882.  Missing the coffin top and the bracket for holding the drawers is rough, but the machine itself isn’t too rusty, not seized up, and the table top is in decent shape.

Singer 12, 1882 if resources are correct

The treadle, sitting in the garage, waiting cleanup

There’s been absolutely no garment or quilt sewing progress to write of.  I really hope the company shutdown time off work results in my getting some real news on the machines, quilting, or garment sewing.  Not just whining about estate work or or what I’m not getting done.

Thanks for stopping by…


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