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Late November Check-in (already?!?!)

November 26, 2019

I hope all have a good Thanksgiving, and not too much travel woes due to the weather.  We’re keeping it pretty quiet here.

Sewing & Needlework:

The butterfly quilt has a couple more blocks done with stitch in the ditch-ish part.  I add the “-ish” due to the learning curve (more…)

Mid-ish November Check-in

November 13, 2019

Sewing and Needlework :

The Bird Quilt – Oh My!  While reading Humble Quilts blog, the November 8 2019 entry about the Broderie Perse exhibit, I’m scrolling along drooling over the lovelies.  Nothing new about that!  I get down to the quilt Bird Song (more…)

Early November Check-In

November 6, 2019

Sewing and Needlework:

I started quilting the butterfly quilt on the HQ, starting with stitching around each block.  There’s a BIG HUGE difference between moving the small practice bats and moving the full quilt smoothly.  Regulating stitch length when going toward and away from me is going better than sideways, that definitely needs lots of work!  But I’m going to forge on (more…)

The Kitty Huts

November 1, 2019

Here’s what we use for the outside cats – (more…)