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End of March Check-In

March 28, 2020

This too shall pass.  Economically, we’ll be spewing vile ugliness, like an entire herd of toddlers with norovirus, but it will pass.  As of 3/27, Iowa is not yet totally shut down.  However every few days, more businesses are ordered shut down.  I truly wish Trump and his herd would just step back and let medical and science people take control of this.  We don’t need him spouting lies and half-assed information just to bolster his ego, and pander to the churchy types that think he’s some prize sent by God.

One thing I wonder about the death rate in China, vs. what it *may* happen here – China has a HUGE air pollution problem.  How many of those who died had compromised lung function due to that, making them even more susceptible to the pneumonia?  OTOH, I don’t *think* Italy has such severe pollution, and has been hit just as hard with fatalities.  And now after China relaxed their stay home orders, I see they’ve had an increase in new cases again.  IMHO, if Trump overrides advice to keep shelter in place and social distance orders just because of Easter, it WILL be a bigger disaster, medically and economically, than it already is. (more…)

Mid-March Check In

March 17, 2020

Yeah, about that COVID-19…  I’m doing the social distance thing, in truth I’ve been doing that since I retired.  Hand washing, check.  Face touching, mostly I’m getting better at not touching, at least when I’m out and about.  I can’t help but think the panic people are in would be much improved by getting 45 and his minions out of the information line.  Put the science and medical pandemic response team in charge and let them do their thing for the next months.  I don’t think it will be over in a month, maybe 3 months, IF everyone does the distancing thing and not too many decide that enough others are doing it, so they don’t need to, and re-start the transmission chain again.

Sewing & Needlework:


March Progress Report

March 9, 2020

I’m not sure I’m ready for March, but AM glad it’s not February!

Sewing & Needlework:

I changed the flame on the Statue of Liberty to golds, with a bit of metallic on top.  I’m not sure I’m happy with it.  The colors are fine, it’s the shape that looks like a lump, not a flame (more…)