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End of April Check-In

April 28, 2020

I stayed home 4/10 through 4/23, then made an excursion on 4/24.  Wearing the mask is certainly something that takes some getting used to.  Not so much the putting it on, as the breathing with it on.  At WM in Clinton, I saw at least one person wearing a mask over only their mouth :-/    Most of the older shoppers had masks, as did most of the WM employees working out on the floor.  I don’t know about the checkers as I used self checkout, at that had it’s own issues with ringing up produce and coupons not ringing up and needing the attention of one of the register managers. (more…)

Mid-April Check-in

April 18, 2020

I stayed home 4/10 through today, I don’t plan on doing a supply run until next week sometime.  DH has been stopping on his way home to pick up a few things if needed, so that helps increase the time between my major runs.

I’ve noticed that the grocery store I usually go to has not had any weekly sale inserts in the local papers for about 3 weeks now.  The Wednesday HyVee ads have also been missing, along with the store inserts in the Sunday paper.  The ads for Menard’s, Theisen’s and Fleet Farm are about the only ones left now.  I did get a Joann flyer in the mail today. (more…)

It’s been all about the masks

April 11, 2020

I stayed home 3/27 through 4/8, then I had to do a supply run on 4/9.  Sunday 3/29, the Iowa Humane Alliance called and left a message that they were closing until mid-April.  Was I right in keeping the long scheduled appointments the last week of March?  I still waffle on that.  I know the tax filing & payment were delated by IRS, but I suspect that COVID-19 is yet to hit Iowa hard.  Will the Treasury delay again?  I suspect not.  Goober is 10-ish months old and his hormones are kicking in.  The longer neutering is delayed, the longer it takes to heal and de-hormone and the greater chances of his wandering off and doing tom cat things like fighting, making kittens, or getting hit on the highway.  The sewing/fabric store was very happy to get the Q-Zone boxes out of their storage area.  Maybe the taxes and Q-Zone pickup could have been delayed, not the neutering.


Grace Q-Zone is assembled

April 2, 2020

I finally got the Q-Zone frame put together.

I’m showing the box sizes for anyone who might think of ordering one.  The basic frame comes in 3 boxes, plus one box for the carriage.  I had 2 additional boxes – one for the adjustable arms, and one for the light.  I normally drive a Focus, there’s no way box 1 would fit, it did lay flat in the back of the Explorer after putting the back seat down.  I think I could have gotten box 2 into the Focus with some maneuvering of the front passenger seat. (more…)