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End of February Check In

February 28, 2020

Sewing & Needlework:

I emailed the QOV group leader, and she concurred that there was an error made in the kit, there should be 30 blocks.  There’s a few ways I can see the error.  I picked up the fabric Saturday morning.  We ran off the fabric through the cutter in short order. While sewing these blocks together, I found a 3rd reason to move the Necchi away from the wall – as I was pressing the blocks, “why are there only 9?”.  I go back to the machine, not there.  “Ohhhh crud!  No, no, nonono!!!”   Yes, one of the blocks fell back behind the machine as I was merrily sewing along after the bobbin ran out 😦    The chopstick came in handy to scoot it over to the cabinet and work it up to where I could reach it.  The top is sewn together and waiting to be pressed and stay stitched around the edge.  Then it’s time to figure out a time that QOV leader will be home to turn it in for quilting and binding.  I’d rather do that sooner than wait for the next regular day on March 26, so it’s not hanging about the sewing room. (more…)

Feb. 2 Check In

February 2, 2020

Sewing & Needlework:

On 1/25/2020, the hand quilting on the borders was DONE!  Finis!  Completed.  WooHoo!!   The following day, stitching around the whole thing and trimming was done.  And about that binding fabric…  it was the wrong one.  As it turns out, I only have pieces of the matching green.  I have a big chunk of the red, but it was a different dye lot and is a lot brighter.  I have pieces of the original red. The quilt will finish at about 78×88 inches, if my maths are correct, I need 9.3 yards of binding.  I’d like to do bias binding, but will have to do straight grain since the bits left won’t lend to bias cutting.  I really don’t want to go trying to figure out another fabric, whether from stash or store.  On further measuring and thought, if I go with 2 1/4 inch binding, I have enough of either green or red bits.  After looking at both with the quilt, I went with the red.  It’s cut 2 1/4 inches wide, sewn together, and ready to be pressed.  Not only did I like it better, but I know all are cut on lengthwise grain.  I’m not sure if all the green bits were, or if I’d end up with a mix of lengthwise and crosswise grains. All the bits and pieces are folded and back in the stash in the correct places.

Mid-ish August check in

August 19, 2019

Mid August…  Is it “already?!?!?”  or “only?!?!?”    “Already” because, well, once again where has the summer gone?!?  “Only” because that means 1 more month to the big day.

I started writing this July 21, with weekly updates, and it got way too long.  So here’s the condensed version, starting with the non-sewing & non-needlework… (more…)

January check-in: better late than never??

January 30, 2019

I hope your Holidays (ALL of them) were good, and for those that make them, that you’re having success with this years resolutions.

I started to write this on 2018-12-28, so apologies if this gets jumping around and makes little sense. Also, I apologize for it being so long and rambling. Then I intended to post it on Jan. 6, but got sidelined sulking that I had to go back to work.

There were no declarations of resolutions or listing best/worst projects (more…)

An over due post.

November 17, 2018

I started writing this October 13, and now it’s November 17!  Apologies if some things don’t make sense time-wise…  I really should just post and not worry so much about  quantity or lots of photos.  I cannot believe it’s mid November already!

Sewing has Happened!  And some sewing related ponderings & whinings. (more…)

Long Overdue Update

December 29, 2017

Well.  I didn’t mean to be so long between posts.  It’s been a case of “life happens” with Dad.  He’s 92 and was doing OK up until September.  Since then, I’ve been at his house every Sunday afternoon and one doctor appointment during the week.  At least we thought he was doing OK, but now that I’ve had a chance to go through this years paperwork, something had been starting in June.  We moved him to assisted living the end of November, it should have been done a year ago, given his eating (rather lack of) situation.  He just wasn’t thinking about eating.  Now at least he’s getting 3 meals a day put in front of him, and he’s eating regularly. (more…)

QOV top #6 finished

July 30, 2017

and ready to be turned in for quilting and binding.  In real life, the white isn’t quite so white, i has red stars on it.  I’m always puzzled by how different many quilts look in person, vs. how the camera sees them.

QOV top #6


QOV #6 Progress

July 16, 2017

Here’s QOV #6, the blocks are sewn, but not to each other yet.  I’m debating whether to put sashing between them, or not.  I kind of like the blue.  This particular red is too dark, maybe lighter red?  But no sashing and just a border to bring it to size means it will be finished and turned in for quilting faster. (more…)

A few things done

June 1, 2017

but not enough it seems to me….

June?!?!   Yeesh.

The 2 quilts are still at the machine quilters.  Wait – I know I showed the American Jane last post, did I ever show the pink/red/green “rose” quilt top?  Maybe not, I can’t even find any photos of it, odd, I could swear I took some.  They probably will not be done until end of the month.  Or did I tell the one quilter end of July would be fine?  Oh well, they are not gifts, and there is no need for them until winter anyway.  This time of year, the machine quilters around here are kept quite busy with graduation present quilts.

QOV #3 came back from quilting & I did the binding and turned it in for laundering and presentation.  QOV top #4 got turned in a few weeks ago for quilting, I don’t know if I’ll get it back to do the binding or if someone else will be doing it.  Here is QOV top #5, (more…)

Quilt tops DONE!

April 16, 2017

News from the sewing front –

The American Jane quilt top is DONE!  I wish I knew when I started it.  I got the pattern and jelly rolls and started sewing the blocks fairly quickly to the half hexagon stage.  Then they sat for a few years because I had no good place to lay them out.  Needless to say – I am so happy I made the design wall.  Any way, here’s the completed top, the colors are truest toward the bottom left – (more…)