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End-ish May Check In

May 22, 2020

Well snap!  I don’t know where my mind was when I posted last time.  The day snuck up on me just like DS’s birthday did.  Anyway, I hope all had a good Mother’s Day.  Speaking of holiday – does anyone else keep wondering why the news & weather people keep talking about Memorial Day, then look at the calendar and think “Oh Crap!  That’s THIS weekend already!” ?    Anyway, I hope it will be a good holiday for all. (more…)

Mid-April Check-in

April 18, 2020

I stayed home 4/10 through today, I don’t plan on doing a supply run until next week sometime.  DH has been stopping on his way home to pick up a few things if needed, so that helps increase the time between my major runs.

I’ve noticed that the grocery store I usually go to has not had any weekly sale inserts in the local papers for about 3 weeks now.  The Wednesday HyVee ads have also been missing, along with the store inserts in the Sunday paper.  The ads for Menard’s, Theisen’s and Fleet Farm are about the only ones left now.  I did get a Joann flyer in the mail today. (more…)

March Progress Report

March 9, 2020

I’m not sure I’m ready for March, but AM glad it’s not February!

Sewing & Needlework:

I changed the flame on the Statue of Liberty to golds, with a bit of metallic on top.  I’m not sure I’m happy with it.  The colors are fine, it’s the shape that looks like a lump, not a flame (more…)

The Bird Quilt – IT IS DONE!!!!

February 8, 2020

WOOHOOO!!  It’s donedonedone!  Finished!  Completed!

I finished the binding and embroidering my name and year earlier today, and just photographed it hoping for a bit better light in the room. (more…)

Hope your Labor Day was good…

September 2, 2019

I’m hoping Dorian stays off the coast for those of you in that area.  It sounds like there will be enough damage even if it does stay off shore.

The non-sewing updates:

We’ve had a bit of rain the last couple of weeks.  The plants are soooo happy, although they really could use some more.  I don’t know what it is, but the ones that do get hand watered are always so much happier with rain than well water.  I often wonder if the well water is a bit too cold, or if (more…)

Long Overdue Update

December 29, 2017

Well.  I didn’t mean to be so long between posts.  It’s been a case of “life happens” with Dad.  He’s 92 and was doing OK up until September.  Since then, I’ve been at his house every Sunday afternoon and one doctor appointment during the week.  At least we thought he was doing OK, but now that I’ve had a chance to go through this years paperwork, something had been starting in June.  We moved him to assisted living the end of November, it should have been done a year ago, given his eating (rather lack of) situation.  He just wasn’t thinking about eating.  Now at least he’s getting 3 meals a day put in front of him, and he’s eating regularly. (more…)

A quilt finish for me!

August 14, 2017

Finally, a long term project is done.  Is it perfectly done?  Oh heck no, I had many sessions where I told myself “done is better than perfect”.

This quilt is very loosely based on a quilt I saw in late 1990s perhaps.  It was gold & black, with square quarter-log cabins and a border print sashing between the blocks.  It was the use of border print sashing that really caught my eye.  I saw this rose fabric in Cottage Rose quilt shop in Marion, Iowa (no longer a physical store presence), loved it, bought it, and had no clue what to do with it, until the memory of that gold/black quilt popped in.  After several rounds of thinking, drawing, using EQ,  this is what I ended up with.  I modified that gold/black quilt to use diamond shaped blocks, hoping it would look more like rosebuds, and used the border print  only between the columns of blocks.  I only have selvedge from the dark green fabric and it’s dated 2004, sadly I don’t seem to have saved the rose print selvedges for some reason. (more…)

QOV #6 Progress

July 16, 2017

Here’s QOV #6, the blocks are sewn, but not to each other yet.  I’m debating whether to put sashing between them, or not.  I kind of like the blue.  This particular red is too dark, maybe lighter red?  But no sashing and just a border to bring it to size means it will be finished and turned in for quilting faster. (more…)

June Shop Hop & Cute Trouble

July 7, 2017

I hope all had a good July 4th.  And a good Canada Day for anyone reading from up there.

I started writing this June 18th, and never got it posted, so if it rambles and wanders about, apologies.  I’ve been using vacation days this week.  As usual, way too much on the to-do list, not enough done.

I’ve started QOV #6 this week, another kit from the group.  I think I need to move the controller on the Necchi from the cabinet to the floor.  After spending an entire day sewing, my sciatic nerve was giving me fits for the next 2 days.  Or just not sew all day?  I got the blocks about 2/3 of the way assembled, and need to press before continuing to finish them.  Then there’s putting them all together, border, etc. (more…)

Quilt tops DONE!

April 16, 2017

News from the sewing front –

The American Jane quilt top is DONE!  I wish I knew when I started it.  I got the pattern and jelly rolls and started sewing the blocks fairly quickly to the half hexagon stage.  Then they sat for a few years because I had no good place to lay them out.  Needless to say – I am so happy I made the design wall.  Any way, here’s the completed top, the colors are truest toward the bottom left – (more…)