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May Check-in

May 27, 2019

Once again, it’s taking me a few weeks, starting right after last post, to write this. Rather than trying to update what’s written, I’m going to try just adding updates/corrections with date made.

5/27/2019 – First things first. Thank You to those that served to preserve not just our liberty, but that of others, and especially to those that gave their lives in those efforts.

I’ve been restraining myself as far as purchases the last couple of weeks. No patterns, no fabric, only a couple of rulers to help make sure my quilt blocks are square as I assemble them. (more…)


I’m really working on being a more regular poster…

April 21, 2019

I started writing this about 4/7/2019…

The latest on the buying spree – Warm & Natural batting at Joann. Between 40% on sale, and 20% off any purchase over $50, I got a few packages off (more…)

Very late update, and a tale of smugness…

April 5, 2019

I finished the McCall 5978 cardigan, in a sweatshirt type fabric. I added patch pockets to it, using a bit of odd stash fabric for the stabilizer/lining. I also took a deep breath and made the sleeve seam allowance a bit narrower. Removing that wobble-stitch was (more…)

An Apology to My Serger

August 11, 2018

You’ve been a good serger for 25(?) years. Even though you’ve sat idle for years at a time while my sewing languished, you came back to life after a bit of oil and a new needle or two, ready to go. You still make me nervous though. (more…)

Just a quick update….

August 4, 2018

This is more of a post just so I don’t get too far out of habit on this again.  Not much of interest to the sewing/quilting world is included. (more…)

What’s been going on….

May 18, 2018

Sigh.   I just don’t seem to be doing so well on blogging on a regular basis.  Again.  (more…)

Another finish!

August 28, 2017

I was going to get this done last weekend, but made the mistake of thinking I’d just pull the ragweed out of the asparagus.  And this grass that’s going to seed.  And…  several hours later, one side of the bed is done.  And my wrist and shoulder were not up to handling the quilt.  I still have one side of the asparagus left to do.  And while reading a garden blog, I realized what I should have done with the garden sections I left empty this year – flowers & herbs for butterflies and birds.  Oh well, next year, unless my garden mojo returns, which I doubt it will until I retire.  (more…)

Didn’t think you’d hear from me so soon, did you!

January 16, 2017

WOOT!   I have an unexpected day off.  I got up, checked the weather and road conditions, and sent email to manager that I’d be in closer to noon-ish.  He emailed back work is closed?!  I never even thought to check the closures, they close so rarely.  Maybe 4 times in almost 40 years? (more…)

A bit of news on the sewing front…

January 15, 2017

Since the last post, here’s what I did the rest of the time I had off in January –

I heard back from Union Special, they said it’s an 1800AA or AG, for sewing bags, made in 1915.  Also attached to the reply were 3 files of manuals.  Sweet!  At first, when I saw “for sewing bags” I thought handbags, but then saw in the manual it’s for sewing things like feed, flower, sugar bags and such.  Now I can try and figure out what needles it needs.  Even if I only ever give it a spin or two by hand, it would be nice to see it actually make stitches. (more…)

Holiday sewing

December 26, 2016

Long time no write.  Again.

Let’s see, no progress cleaning up the Union Special, other than giving the wheel a turn or two now and then.  I did just email the company asking if they had any information about her.

I found the F & P design wall sheet, right out in the open on top of the steam press.  I did get a few yards of flannel to cover some insulation sheets, but still haven’t gotten those.  Hopefully this week. (more…)