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Early-ish July Check-In (not much new happening)

July 8, 2020

After posting on Friday 6/26, I ran the fabric for Hunter Star through the cutter .  I also put elastic on one of the unfinished masks so I have 2.  I’ll give it a try without the wire, I may need to add one if my glasses fog over.  Statue of Liberty also got a bit more stitching time.  I had to go retrieve something from the bank lock box, while they had the now-common “masks, sanitizer, distance, wash hands” sign, none of the employees had masks on.  They were working apart from one another though. (more…)

June 26 Check In – Not much new. Again.

June 26, 2020

After posting on 6/15, I spent some time trying to figure out this no-reply thing.  Again.  I don’t know that I found anything new, and since Blogger is forcing new changes on their bloggers at end of the month, I may just wait until then to try again to fix it.  Who knows what all will be affected then.  Then I was off to cut more fabric for the Hunter Star quilt… (more…)

Mid-June (Already? Only?) Check-In

June 16, 2020

After posting on 6/8, I cleared up and organized some stacks on the desk, caught up on shoveling out all the spam email, and blog reading since I didn’t look at anything since Saturday morning, folded the new fabrics and put them away, and did a few household chores.  Late in the day I went out and put fertilizer on the asparagus so the expected rain from Christobol leftovers can get it watered in.  Mostly I guess you could say I took the day off. (more…)

June 8 – It’s been mostly grass grubbing the last week

June 8, 2020

I’m going to try writing posts by date order, maybe they won’t seem so disjointed, although it won’t be so easy to find particular subjects.  And perhaps try posting more often so there’s less to keep track of?


Right after hitting “publish” on the 6/1 post, I was hit with some serious mental waffling.  Before posting, I went out to take photos of the flower bed, flowers and garden and that set off some bad attitude in me.  The gnats are horrendous, my sunburn itches, my toe hurts, my hip hurts, I don’t wanna weed today!, Wah-Wah-Wah!!!  Back inside, I looked at the muslin for salvaging parts of the old quilt and thought about starting that.  No – I should wind a bobbin and continue HQ practice.  No, I should put together some more hunter star blocks.  No – I should do some cleaning, and make rhubarb crisp.  No – I should work on the floss organizing.  No – I should work on Statue of Liberty.  No, I should fix the elastic in that pair of shorts.  No I should…., no, no no.  Ugh.  Just Ugh.

After my mental sulking, I picked the shorts to fix.  I used the elastic scavenged from the fitted sheet I used for masks.  It was too wide for masks, but just right to run throughout the channels in the waistband.  After trying on the shorts, I determined the elastic needed to take up 4 inches.  I marked the side seams and then cut slits in each channel 5 inches apart on the inside.  I ran elastic in each channel, sewed it  with triple zig-zag.  Then I adjusted the elastic until the space between the slits was 3 inches, and sewed that end.  I did 3 lines of stitching at each end – one on each side of the slits, one down the center of the slits to close them.  I think I could have made the elastic a bit snugger, but unless I drop a bunch of weight, at least I can wear them without having to constantly pull them up.  (more…)

June 1st Check In

June 1, 2020

I’ve stayed home since the supply run on 5/24.

As normal, we didn’t go to any formal Memorial Day service.  They were pretty much cancelled anyway.  Both DH and I have few military family members, we come from the dirt farmers that were home raising food for our war effort contributions.  I always stop and look at DH’s step-grandfather’s (WW1 veteran) casket flag and say “Thank You” to him and to my 2 uncles that served in Navy, and all others who have served.  And during the cemetery rounds, I put a flag on the grave of my uncle by marriage.  He and my aunt never had kids.  I don’t know where Mom’s brother was buried, but he had 4 kids so I hope at least one of them gets a flag on his grave. (more…)

Annual-ish Garden Tip, Reminder

May 30, 2020

This may become an annual announcement, reminder, or proclamation…


Early May Check In

May 10, 2020

I stayed home 4/25 through 5/8.  It was time to make a grocery run, and acquire tomato, pepper, and herb plants.  It seems the paper products are back on the shelves, however signs are still up for limit of 1 package per customer.  There were some spray disinfecting cleaners, but still no disinfecting concentrate or wipes.  The flour shelf was improved, no big bags but there were multiple small bags, mostly of smaller brands like Bob’s Red Mill.  So far no meat limit or outage at the grocery I went to.  The owner happened by while I was perusing the beef roasts and he said he’s expecting $8 a pound ground beef prices next week.  The selection of vegetable plants was pitiful.  Not many tomatoes or peppers (NO jalapeno peppers!), and far fewer varieties than in past.  The grocery did not put up their greenhouse this year.  The greenhouse had 1/3 to 1/2 of the vegetable plants the past owners had.  Thiesen’s had their greenhouse up as usual, so most of the plants were purchased there. (more…)

End of April Check-In

April 28, 2020

I stayed home 4/10 through 4/23, then made an excursion on 4/24.  Wearing the mask is certainly something that takes some getting used to.  Not so much the putting it on, as the breathing with it on.  At WM in Clinton, I saw at least one person wearing a mask over only their mouth :-/    Most of the older shoppers had masks, as did most of the WM employees working out on the floor.  I don’t know about the checkers as I used self checkout, at that had it’s own issues with ringing up produce and coupons not ringing up and needing the attention of one of the register managers. (more…)

It’s been all about the masks

April 11, 2020

I stayed home 3/27 through 4/8, then I had to do a supply run on 4/9.  Sunday 3/29, the Iowa Humane Alliance called and left a message that they were closing until mid-April.  Was I right in keeping the long scheduled appointments the last week of March?  I still waffle on that.  I know the tax filing & payment were delated by IRS, but I suspect that COVID-19 is yet to hit Iowa hard.  Will the Treasury delay again?  I suspect not.  Goober is 10-ish months old and his hormones are kicking in.  The longer neutering is delayed, the longer it takes to heal and de-hormone and the greater chances of his wandering off and doing tom cat things like fighting, making kittens, or getting hit on the highway.  The sewing/fabric store was very happy to get the Q-Zone boxes out of their storage area.  Maybe the taxes and Q-Zone pickup could have been delayed, not the neutering.


Grace Q-Zone is assembled

April 2, 2020

I finally got the Q-Zone frame put together.

I’m showing the box sizes for anyone who might think of ordering one.  The basic frame comes in 3 boxes, plus one box for the carriage.  I had 2 additional boxes – one for the adjustable arms, and one for the light.  I normally drive a Focus, there’s no way box 1 would fit, it did lay flat in the back of the Explorer after putting the back seat down.  I think I could have gotten box 2 into the Focus with some maneuvering of the front passenger seat. (more…)