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January 3, 2010

McCall’s 5978 is done!  Finished!  Wearable!  WooHoo!   This is the first item of clothing I’ve sewn from scratch in 2 years.  I went back and re-did the hem on both front corners, it looks much better now.  I ended up using just simple gray buttons, the fabric is so busy that I didn’t think fancy ones would stand out.   The buttonholes were a Pain in the ….. to put in.  I did samples on some scraps, selecting the correct size.  Hmmmmm.  instead of 20 mm, they came out 25 mm. – way to big!  Tried another sample with it set to 16 mm, and it ended up being 19 mm, just right.  I sewed the first buttonhole.  The first side went (more…)